She follows you everywhere you go. When you walk, she walks. When you run, she runs. When you cry, she cries. When you're happy, she's happy. She trails behind you quietly wherever you go. She never speaks, just watches and listens. You never speak to her. You look at her all the time though. She has pretty brown hair with blonde hints all over her head. But you can't see her eyes, or nose, or mouth. She has no face. It used to scare you, but it doesn't bother you anymore. There is one thing you can't understand. How does she cry if she has no eyes? She has eyes and they are the prettiest eyes in the world. But every time you became sad, every time the darkness consumed your soul, everything you become lonely and small, her face faded from you vision little by little until you couldn't see it anymore.

She would try to help you, but you've lost the ability to hear her. She would get help for you, but only you can see her, but even her body is starting to fade away too. She's invisible to everyone else. But she does try to fight your darkness. Oh, how she tries. Each time you're sad, she tries to hug you and phases through your body. She tries to hold your hand, but passes through. And each time she passes through you, you feel more and more alone.

She can't leave. You're the reason she exists. If you weren't around, she would have nowhere else to go. She would feel insignificant and alone. But she does feel that all ready. You see, she eases your pain by putting some on herself. She follows you everywhere you go so she can steal some of your pain away.

But someday it will become too much for her. When your pain becomes too much from her to bear, she will die with you. As you lay dying on your bedroom floor, she is lying right next to you, trying to hold your hand one last time. But as usual, it will pass through. She will shed tears while you shed tears too. And she will try to ease your pain one last time before you both let go of your shared pain together.