Just let him go,
Watch them have fun.
Sit alone and grieve,
Lay down your head,
For he is gone,
He's not coming home.
And the life you had
Is dead.

Turn off the TV,
And lock the windows,
Draw the curtains,
And shut the door.
Turn off the lights
And crawl upstairs,
Break down,
Fall to the floor.

Scream his name,
He will not hear.
He won't answer your call.
For he is grown,
He's left the nest.
And it's your turn to bawl.

For he's no kid no more.
He won't need Mummy now.
Least not when he's out
And drinking
Getting laid
And barely thinking
The only thing that's straight
Is the vodka.
Burning him from the inside out,
And as the "one shot too many"
Makes itself known,
He passes out on the kerb.

He needs Mummy now,
But Mummy's not there
He said "Don't bother."
"I'm all grown up".
He "knows what's right"
He "knows what's best."
As he brings
His night-out up.

They're all so wasted,
No one sees him.
They walk on,
He falls away.
The street lights fade,
The night's now morning
But he's not there
To face the day.

She lies there crying
She blames herself
For everything
That's come to pass.
Though she's alone,
She has company:
Liquor bottles and
Shattered glass.

And as she drinks
Herself to sleep,
For sleep no longer falls.
She dreams of him
And she knows why he'll never
Answer any of her calls.