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Chapter 1: Wish

"Ah! Stop! P-please s-stop it!" she cried as she was thrown brutally to the dirt ground. Her back hurt and she was covered in bruises, along with a twisted ankle and a swollen wrist. Her eyes watered as a sharp slap came upon her cheek.

"But Hannah darling, we're having so much fun!" Arianna smiled, her words laced in sugary sweet syrup. She picked Hannah up roughly by her arm. Arianna frowned. "Does your arm hurt?" she asked worriedly. Hannah bit her bottom lip and nodded, though she knew she probably shouldn't. With this new Arianna, Hannah wasn't so sure of anything around her. "Well that wasn't nice of me. I should numb it for you." She swiftly put both hands on Hannah's forearm, and in one fluid motion, snapped it. Hannah gasped, letting a shrill scream erupt from her throat.

Falling to the ground once again, she whimpered pitifully and cradled her broken arm. Her hazel eyes widened as she saw a glint of something silver above her. "Hannah, do you remember when you told me you wanted to be a famous singer one day but you said you weren't good enough?" Hannah twitched, the anticipation for what was to come devouring her ability to think. "Good. Well I've decided to teach you how to sing. I'm sure your voice is just lovely." Arianna grabbed a fistful of Hannah's fiery red hair, dragging her over to a nearby tree and pulling her up.

Pushing Hannah's battered frame up against the tree, Arianna slowly glided the butterfly knife up her arm. Scarlet ribbons of blood danced down Hannah's arm and fell onto the floor in screaming silence, each drop carrying the anguish and pain that she felt. Hannah groaned, tears stinging her eyes as she tried to keep herself from screaming anymore. Arianna tsked, "Hannah, that wasn't very musical. Remember, you're a soprano, not an alto." Once more Arianna trailed the weapon across Hannah's skin, relishing in her pained shrieks and muffled screams behind her clenched teeth.

Again. Over and over, Hannah tried not to scream, always failing. It hurt. It hurt so much, and she just couldn't take it. Yet, she wanted to live. She wanted to survive this and expose Arianna for the crazy killer she was. A deep stab to her thigh and in return, a clear, high note escaped her throat, piercing the air as if it was a bird's song.

"There you go," Arianna giggled childishly. "That wasn't so hard was it? Shall we try again, just to make sure it wasn't an accident?" Hannah sighed, her hair sticking to her sweat-covered face.

"Please...stop...what did I do?" She cried, a few tears falling down her face. They dripped down onto Arianna's wrist, and she immediately stopped what she was doing. Arianna, still frozen in place, slowly took the knife and threw it to the ground. She blinked, taking in the sight of Hannah, her bottom lip trembling.

"You...you're bleeding. Who would do that? W-who could hurt someone else like that? ...W-w-was i-it me?" She asked sadly, looking at Hannah with big, morose blue eyes. Hannah stared at her for a long time with her tired eyes. She gave a slight nod and Arianna burst into tears. "I-I'm s-so s-sorry! I didn't mean for this t-to happen! I don't know w-what happened and I just...this was...you're g-going to die and it's all my fault!" She sniveled, crumpling onto the floor. Hannah's eyes were still cold and hard, but without the fire that she had seen in Arianna, her determination was falling apart.

"Will you kill me?" She asked quietly, struggling to see. Black dots were covering her vision like a silken blindfold. She would die, and it would hurt. But for now, she was alive, and she was hurting. Hannah needed an answer, now.

Arianna looked startled by the question. "N-no! I would never!" Hannah narrowed her eyes.

"Then what will you do?"

"I'll k-kill myself?" Arianna stuttered, taking the knife and pushing it against her stomach. She gasped and coughed up a little blood. Hannah cursed and tore the knife away from Arianna.

"Don't you dare die! I went through all of that pain and there is no way that you are going to just get away with it by dying! I want you to suffer like me. So stay alive!" She screamed, slapping Arianna across her face with the last of her strength.

"I-I can't. One of us has to die here. And I'm the monster. The monsters are the ones that die in fairytales, right?" Arianna inquired, her sapphire eyes losing the life that was always so visible in them. Hannah growled in frustration.

"Then I'll die. I'd rather not live with these scars while knowing that everyone thought you were innocent." Just like that, Hannah brought herself that much closer to death. She gave the final push to be thrown over to the land of the dead. She was gone; Arianna would have to live. That was the deal.

"I'm so sorry Hannah. We were friends, at one point, even if I ended up using you. I'll mourn for you; I will. I promise." It was at this moment, nearly one of the only times, that Arianna Liberty Riviere allowed herself to be weak. It was nearly the only time she'd allow herself to cry. She felt remorse; she did. She wasn't always heartless. It was only when the temptation, the urge to hurt someone came out, always lingering there, never fully going away. She didn't want this. She tried so hard to be normal and forget everything, but then...then she saw her arm and it all would just come back. That feeling would be there, and she couldn't do anything. She always got out of control, and perhaps what she did were pity kills after the pain she caused, but still, she was a monster. An awful, awful monster.

She wished that things could have happened differently, very often. Still, she knew it wouldn't change who she was. She was insane; she knew. It frightened her, but at the same time, she would not-could not believe it. How do you define...insanity? Who do you compare them to when no one is quite alike? Perhaps she was sane, and everyone else was just afraid she would disrupt the world that they had so carefully created. There was no judge to tell her just who and what she was. She knew anyway. After all this time, she knew. It's terrible when you finally have the courage to admit what you are, only to find out that what you are is exactly what you have feared of becoming your whole life. It was her punishment, she supposed. It was okay; she didn't mind taking the penalty. She was who she was. She accepted it. But only sometimes. It wasn't as if she would stop loathing herself every second of every day just because she knew what she was.

I wish to die soon. That...that is my wish. And that wish, only that one, may be carried out by someone other than me. I wish for someone to kill me like I killed them.

Daniel, I'm sorry.

But please, never forgive me.

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