"So," Catherine started, her voice hinting towards a subject that Hiro especially didn't like to discuss. "Hiro," she drawled, scraping her fingers along the fine fabric of the chair Hiro was sitting on. "You must know why I'm here." She sat on the arm of the chair and stared down at Hiro.

"Of course." Hiro answered, not making eye-contact with the female blood-demon. "But that still won't change the fact that I won't marry your daughter."

Catherine made a disgusted face and then spat on Hiro. Any regular demon, and Hiro would've been reduced to screaming on the floor. A blood-demon's saliva had enough acid ingredients to destroy through a two foot wall. All Hiro did was look amused, reach for a tissue, and wipe of the spit off from his cheek.

"You will die a sad and lonely death, if you are this picky!" Catherine stood up in outrage. "My daughter is the most beautiful she-demon in this century; hundreds of other would give their lives for her!"

"Well, too bad then, that I'm not in those hundreds." Hiro told her, getting bored of the conversation and turning back to the book he was reading.

"You – You-" She sputtered, unable to contain her outrage anymore."Why is it?" She bellowed. "Why is it that she will only choose you?!" The wind, which was the natural element of blood-demons, began swirling around her. Even at nearing the end of her 9th century, the blood-demon still had some power left. But Hiro only noticed the change in weather after the wind started flipping the pages of his book.

"It's because she knows that she can't have me." Hiro turned his nose up at the much older demon. "There. I've answered your question. Will you get out now?"

Catherin Von Shrapp was furious. She screamed a battle cry, normally only used during war. She lunged at Hiro, but he easily side-stepped her, causing her to lose balance as she turned around.

"Catherine," Hiro sighed again. Even only at his 3rd century, Hiro was extremely bored. So bored that even at this moment he felt like yawning. His mind was still thinking about the creatures that his father had written inside the book. "Don't make me do this," He warned, "Or you will regret it."

"You will regret ever turning down my daughter!" Catherine shrieked out. She lunged again, and Hiro side-stepped it, repeating the previous procedure. This time, though, Catherin swiped at him with her hand, her nails scratching his cheek, bring forth blood.

Hiro jumped back a few feet and frowned at the sensation of the wound. Being so powerful at such a young age, Hiro was seldom hurt. He put his fingers to the scratch on his left cheek, and gauged that the scratch was only about an inch or so. But that didn't matter. No matter how small, all the demons of this realm knew the consequence of making a Hunter-Demon bleed.

"Ha!" Catherine was incoherent now. "You will pay for every single time you broke my daughter's hea-!" Catherine never got to finish her sentence. With a single flick of his hand, Hiro had stopped her heart.

He stared down coolly at the limp body on the floor. "To shed my blood, you, of all people, should know the price." He snapped his fingers, and in a split-second, two butlers dressed in standard attire were at his side. "Wrap it up and deliver it to Katerina. Tell her that I will pay for the damages caused, but she knew that it was coming."

This, he was certain about. Catherine hadn't really come to Hiro to ask him about her daughter again, but to put her out of her misery. Her lips had pulled into a smile just as his lips opened to speak the command. True, her daughter, Katerina, may be the most beautiful, but she was also the most spoilt and demanding. Catherine couldn't take another day with her daughter.

Hiro's butlers nodded and proceeded to do as told, not making a sound as not to disturb their Master as he returned back to his book. Hiro sighed regularly every few minutes.

Life was boredom for Hiro.