The first time Cody Brand saw that girl, he was in the middle of a food fight in the cafeteria.

It hasn't started out as a food fight. It had started out as Cody standing on his head and one hand, while balancing a full lunch tray in his free hand. Cody's best friend, Harry and another daredevil from the school gymnastics team had said Cody couldn't do it.

"Too easy," Cody had said. Cody never passed up an opportunity to prove Harry wrong.

Cody hesitated for a second, running his figures through his ash blond hair. He looked across the large, crowded room to make sure no teachers were watching. He then flipped over in mid-air, landed, and balanced on his head and hand. He hadn't even tilted the tray.

Everything had been going great. Mrs. Hodgkin, the Ecominics teacher, was pointedly ignoring Cody. Harry, and the rest of the gymnastics team, were cheering Cody on. Other students were joking about "upside down cake for dessert," or urging Cody to do it without hands. That's when it had started. Ivan Burke, the school bully, knocked the loaded tray out of Cody's hand, covering him in spaghetti. Distracted, Cody fell, his face and chest sliding messily in the food, his long legs sprawled out behind him. The cafeteria went silent. Cody rolled over, looking at the grinning face of Ivan. He grabbed a handful of spaghetti and threw in into that stupid smirk. Then all hell broke loose.

It was about thirty seconds in when Cody saw her. She was wearing a pale blue dress that flowed to her ankles. Her chestnut hair was held back in a ponytail. She had bright green eyes and delicate porcelain skin. She was gliding out of the room, clutching a stack of text books to her chest. By the time she had excited the room, Mrs. Hodgkin and Coach Spawlding had gotten everything under control. Everyone was dismissed, and Cody left the room, still searching for the girl in the blue dress. She had been hauntingly beautiful.


At his locker, Cody ran into his lifelong friend, Becky Jones.

"You looks good," she said, examining the stains on Cody's t-shirt and face. "You know, if I didn't know better, I'd say you were very immature for a fourteen year old boy."

Lisa had dark good looks- long black hair, dark, almond shaped eyes. People said she looked like a young Cher. Becky pretended to be annoyed by this, but secretly, she was pleased.

Cody looked up and down the hall, seeing that it was empty, and stripped off his shirt. He washed his face at the water fountain, using the back of his shirt to dry his face. Becky was leaning against her locker, examining him. The sight of Cody shirtless was nothing new for her.

"What are you going to do for a shirt?" Becky asked.

"I'll wear my sports jersey."

"That sweat stained thing?" Becky sighed. She rummaged through her locker and pulled out a black and white t-shirt. She threw it to Cody.

"Here, wear this," she said.

"What, a girl's shirt?" Cody asked.

"It's a unisex shirt."
"Unisex is just an excuse for men who like wearing woman's clothing not to feel self conscious," Cody exclaimed.

"Fine, if you want to walk around shirtless, that's your choice. I don't think many girls will complain. I better get to English. You better hurry up if you don't want to be late," Becky said. She walked away, leaving Cody clutching her unisex shirt. It was then that Cody saw the girl again.

She was gliding down the hall, making no noise. Her blue dress rippled slightly. She saw Cody, her eyes scanning his chest. She smiled, and followed Becky into their English class. Cody pulled on the unisex shirt, threw his soiled shirt into his locker, grabbed his books, and jogged into the class. He took his seat beside Becky. The new girl was standing at the top of the class.

"Class," their teacher said, "I want you to say hello to Cindy Nolan."