"It… it's ok… it's ok," the girl says to the boy, hugging him tightly. "I'm here… I'm here…" she continues.

"I… I know but I miss him…" the boy cries, hugging her back.

"I miss him to…" the girl says.

Blake and Max watch this as it happens. They look at each other in confusion before turning back to the presumed siblings.

Now the boy and girl have turned around so that the fronts of their bodies are visible to the teen and his dog now. They are holding hands and are walking towards them. Blake and Max stay behind the corner, still hidden.

The boy is short and pudgy with his face composed of chubby cheeks and hazel eyes. His hair is brown and he wears a heavy coat, despite it only being autumn, which makes him seem even fatter. The baby fat and young face indicated to Blake that the boy is probably around six.

The girl who holds the boy's hand looks to be around sixteen or seventeen. Her light blond hair is long and flows over her shoulders. Her face is clear and stunningly beautiful. And interestingly her skin is on the pale side but not nearly as pale as Blake's.

She wears a dark pink hoodie as well as dark blue jeans, and is 5ft 6in, a whole foot taller than the young boy.

The last thing, Blake catches before trying to flee is the color of her eyes which are ironically pale blue, the same color as his.

Blake, now realizing how close they are getting to him, turns to face the fence. Grabbing the top of it, he uses it to lift himself up to the point where his stomach is at the center of the top of the fence.

Hearing them come, he flips the rest of his body over the fence. His head rubs against the gate as he slides down to the ground. His back slams into it and his neck hits the grass in a way that if he were still alive then he would have died.

Blake still feels the pain however, and groans as he sits up. Beside him, Max prances through the wall.

"It's great being a ghost," Max gloats.

"Please shut up," Blake says, reaching behind him, grabbing the fence, and using it as leverage as he struggles back onto his feet. A surge of pain enters his ankles as he finally regains his footing.

He continues holding onto the fence until he is confident that he won't lose his balance. Blake then slowly takes two steps away from the fence.

"What was that noise?" the boy asks.

"Uh oh, well I guess we'll meet up later," Max says before disappearing.

"Wait!" Blake says reaching for him just as he vanishes. "Son of a bitch," Blake curses before losing his balance due to the imbalance caused by his reaching. He hits the ground just as he hears the gate open.

"Ah… hell…" Blake moans before crawling into a row of bushes that are lined up in front of the fence.

Once he is confident that he is hidden, Blake looks up to see the boy and girl enters the backyard. They look around for any sign of intrusion. Blake remains still and quietly watches them until they are satisfied and leave.

After they depart, Blake crawls out from under the bush. Too tired to try getting up, Blake contemplates on what to do next before noticing an open window at the bottom of the side of the house.

Blake crawls over to it before peering in and discovering that the window leads to a basement. Perhaps he could stay there for the night.

He then crawls through and falls head first towards the carpeted ground. Holding his folded arms in front of his head, he is able to prevent any damage to his hand. Instead he stands on his wrists after landing before he flips over onto his back. He groans as it hits the ground.

Continuing to groan, he rolls over onto his chest. Now lying on the ground, he squints trying to see in the dark.

A couple yards in front of him is a couch so he crawls over to it. He turns so that his back his facing it before placing his hands on the couch. He then elevates himself up before sitting down on the couch and turning over so he can lie down on it.

Blake gets relaxed and closes his eyes. Being undead he doesn't need sleep but due to his body being weak, he suffers from a major lack of energy.

"Again it's great being a ghost," Max says, now sitting at his feet. "What took you so long?" he asks.

"I took long on purpose so I could enjoy time being away from you," Blake says, grinning.

Max rolls his eyes, "Sure you did."

"That's it no kibbles for you. You know how much I hate your sarcasm," Blake jokes.

"Who cares? Kibbles taste like shit anyway," Max retorts, jokingly.

Blake laughs at that. Max joins in. They sit there and continue laughing and joking as Blake starts to pet him.

The laughing ends when Max asks a question. "So what are we doing here anyway?" he asks.

Blake's smile fades. "I've got some business to tend to."

"What, with them? Do you even know them?" Max asks, confused.

"No I don't," Blake says, ignoring his first question.

"So then what business do you have with them?" Max persists.

Blake sighs before digging his hand into his pocket and pulls out his wallet. Max watches him, suspiciously, as Blake opens the wallet and pulls out a picture. The picture is then turned for Max to see.

"What does Sarah have to do with this?" Max inquires.

Blake puts the picture back into his wallet and puts it away. "Everything…"

Before Max can ask any more questions they hear talking through the air vent which is coming from upstairs.