Blake and Max look at each other after hearing the talking before Max jumps down from the couch and trots over to below the vent. Blake slowly gets up and follows him over to it, limping all the way.

Once they are under it, they both look up and see if they can actually make out the words that are being spoken.

"I can't take it anymore!" the boy is heard shouting.

"Please stop…" the girl whimpers, "I miss him too but you screaming about this are making it worse for all of us!"

"I don't care!" the boy whines.

"I can't take this anymore and neither can Mom! Just look at her! She hasn't said a word since this morning!" the girl argues.

"Fine, I'm sorry for crying and caring!" the boy screams. His heavy footsteps are then heard as he apparently runs away.

"You shouldn't have done that," an older woman, presumably their mom, says, moments later.

"I'm sorry I just can't bear to hear anymore. I can't stand what this is doing to you," the girl says.

"He needs to grieve though so he can let it all out and move on," the woman retorts.

"Yeah just like you have?" the girls says, sarcastically.

Todd imagines her rolling her eyes as she says this.

"What are you implying?" the woman asks, angrily.

"That you haven't been there for us! Ever since Cole passed away!" the girl shouts, letting all of her anger out into that shout.

There is now a pause. Both Blake and the girl await a response from the disillusioned mother.

"Get out," the mom finally says.


"Get out! Go away! Leave me alone!" the woman lashes out, screaming.

Heavy footsteps which could only be the girl running away is then heard.

After the girl leaves, Blake now hears the old woman sobbing. It starts off quieter before slowly getting louder and louder.

"Again why would you want to come here? This place is very depressing. It's bad enough that we're dead. Must we always surround ourselves with pain and despair?" Max asks.

Blake, ignoring him, limps over to a small table which is pressed beside the wall. On the table is a picture of a boy who looks to be around seventeen. Like Blake he has got long black hair and bright blue eyes. But unlike Blake, however his skin is not extremely pale nor is he unhealthily skinny.

Blake picks the picture up and stares at it before turning it over to Max for him to see.

"Do you think I could pass off as her brother?" Blake asks.

"What? Why would you want to do that? That's sick!" Max exclaims with disgust.

"I didn't ask you for your opinion. I asked you whether or not you think I could get away with it," Blake says, more annoyed now.

"Of course not. You two look nothing alike," Max bluntly says.

"I could claim to be his rotted corpse," Blake argues.

Max laughs, "Yeah good luck trying to pass that off."

Blake glances back at the picture and then at a mirror hanging on the wall. He compares his photograph with his reflection, looking back and forth at them. Finally, after about a minute of this, he ceases.

"Fucking shit," he mumbles before dropping the picture onto the carpet. The softness of the carpet blankets the fall so the picture is not damaged.

Max chuckles at this provoking Blake to glance over at him and to tell him to "Shut up." Max laughs at this as well as Blake limps back over to the couch and sits down. Max then follows him over to the couch and sits down beside him.

"So what do you say we blow the bore house and…" Max begins before being cut off by Blake's simple and quiet, "No."

"But since you can't impersonate her brother…?"




"But you can't impersonate her brother."

"That doesn't change anything," Blake answers, rubbing his chin, in deep thought.

"So what are you going to do then?" Max asks.

Blake stops rubbing his chin and turns to Max, grinning evilly. "I need a new body."