I wake to hear the roaring and crackling of a fire, so loud that it is deafening. I begin to see smoke, seeping and slithering under the door like a snake, searching and hungry, awaiting my death. I scream as the room becomes a darkness blacker than the night. Trying desperately to be free, I bang on the walls hoping against hope that there would be an escape; I cannot seem to find one. I begin to crave fresh, open air as my lungs heave. But still they find no oxygen and I feel a fresh wave of terror wash over me, like the tide pulling and pushing on a small child until they can no longer stand.

I start to give up as more and more smoke pours through the gap under the door, I feel myself succumbing to the fiery darkness. Then through all the noise, confusion and darkness I hear the only thing that could reach through the dulled edges, through that horrific ebony world of destruction, and renew my hope, "Mamma, Mamma." Ash, my baby boy, cries. "Mamma"

Panic, I begin to panic knowing that there is nothing that I can do to save him. STOP I think to myself he will survive. I will not die knowing that my child is in danger. So it is with renewed strength that I resume the banging, yelling and screaming. Only this time it is not my own rescue that I am begging for.

Once I push away from the despair that had kept me from acting, I feel the heat of the blaze, it is almost unbearable, even the walls and furniture creak and moan in protest. Smoke fills my lungs and stings my eyes, I close them and even though I know that I'm going to die I don't pray for myself I pray for my child, I think of how scared he must be, all alone somewhere in this scorching building and pray to god that someone, anyone would find him and save him.

I will save him. I open my eyes and continue trying to find an escape, promising myself, and ash, that I will not give up.


The world seems frozen filled only with horror and my desperate attempts to escape.


I pound at the walls, searching for the door handle that has so far eluded me. Seeing only red, feeling only heat and hearing only the pounding of blood flowing through me, steadily flowing out of me.

'Click' my hand catches the door handle and I yank open the door desperate to find a way to save him.

I run. With the last of my strength, I run.