Trinity walked through the black woods, looking at the huge raggedy trees. Their many arms looked like they could grab you at any second, but they stayed silent and unmoving as if they were dead. Trinity could hardly see the dirt, but judging by the sound she was making when she walked, there were many pebbles and rocks on the ground. She knew there was a full moon out, but the trees were too thick to let any light through. She couldn't help but think back to her first day in her new high school:

She looked at the projector. There were many different pictures of creatures that came from folktales. Only one really caught her attention, the werewolf. She didn't really know why but her eyes wouldn't stop looking at it. As she moved around its blood red eyes followed. Soon she realized a voice was talking to her. "Trinity? Did you learn about folktales In your old school?" Mr. Smith asked. Trinity glanced up and shook her head. "I don't really believe in stuff like that" she said rolling her eyes in the process. This made kids around her start to whisper.

The bushes started to shake, she quickly turned around and yelled "Who's there?" she only heard a howl in response. As she walked faster she noticed something black and very quick zip across her "What was that!" she thought. When she started walking again she tripped and then she saw it. Blood shot eyes staring at her, it stepped closer and her eyes widened. She stared at its big red eyes and its yellow teeth stained with blood."The werewolf" she whispered. Trinity's heart pounded against her chest as if it were to jump out at any second. She franticly got up and ran the other direction, at the time she didn't know where she was, but she just wanted to get home. Again she thought back to the end of her first class.

Soon she heard the bell ring. Trinity packed up her stuff and headed toward her locker. There were a couple girls talking near it. "Did they ever figure out if its true?" One of them asked. "No. They don't even know what it is. Probably a half man creature or something." another one said.

Trinity curiosity got the best of her . She turned to them "What are you talking about?" The girl looked at her "The rumors about the creature thing in the woods next to the park. It's been spotted a lot and they say people who go in at night never come out and if they do they always end up dying from the wounds they have." Trinity rolled her eyes again "Oh please I doubt that's true. Its probably just some wolf or something. People are just lying to you." "Wolves don't have red eyes." One of them stated. "What makes you so sure that its not real?" "Because mythical creatures don't exist." Trinity argued.

"Oh really? Why don't you prove it new girl" another girl challenged. At this point Trinity wasn't going to back down. "Ok I will. Tonight i'll sneak in to the forest and come backā€¦.Alive and unharmed." She closed her locker and walked away not thinking twice. "She's crazy" They all nodded in agreement.

Trinity hated herself for coming and not believing those girls. "Is it following me?" she thought "I hope not."The creature howled again but this time it was closer "It's looking for me, I just know it" she cried "It's going to kill me."Trinity was tired but she knew she couldn't stop or the "thing" would find her. She ran as fast as she could, then she saw it "Light! Maybe it's the way out. "

She ran through the path-way in hope of finally being out, but she wasn't, it was just a cliff where the moon rested peacefully. "The moon looks so beautiful from here "she panted. After a quick glance at the moon she heard a noise. Trinity gasped but before she could run it jumped out of the bushes.

It's eyes were still glowing red and its jagged fur was stained with seems to be hurt .Judging by the wounds it must have gotten in a fight.

Trinity turned around and ran as fast as she could. After running for so long she finally reached the exit to the forest.

"Atleast I'm safe..." She caught her breath. Before she could start walking she heard a growl. Turning around as her eyes met with the blood red ones of the werewolf, she finally believed.