The Movie Scene Moment

A story about that moment where you see the guy from across the room, and fall in love.

We meet.

And it's not like the romantic movie scene

Where your eyes meet across the room

And everything else just melts away

Until it's just the two of you

Looking into each other's eyes

Like the world could end

And you would die happy.

No it's clumsy,

And awkward,

And originally he's not even interested in you

But in your roommate dash future best friend

And you pine for a minute

But decide you're better off

Until four years later you realize what an idiot

You both were in freshmen year for ignoring the truth.

It should have been you he was looking at

And it should be you right now

That he is saying "I DO" too.

(Unfortunately it's not you,

And it's not her.

It's that girl that in one fell swoop

Landed the guy from across the room

Just like a movie scene.)