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Clare the quiet one, Clare the silent one .Clare the mute girl.

There had always been many names for Clare. Most of those names were used to tease her. Clare is this, Clare is that. Clare, Clare, Clare... And Clare had heard them all. At least..., most of them.

Lonely Clare.

But to one point of view, Clare wasn't lonely. " You were never lonely Clare." Denise said. It was something she had always said, something she repeated again and again... "You always had me" she continued. It was a reminder for Clare, at least, it used to be for Clare. It was for her to know that she wasn't alone in this world. But soon, those words turned against her. It had turned into a reminder of the things she was never able to accomplish.

Clare the record keeper.

On this one, Denise couldn't help but agree. Clare always had this notebook. Ever since the two of them had met, that notebook already existed. Before that even, Clare had already writing on it.

Clare, the missing girl.

Yes..., Clare went missing almost half a year ago. Denise was one of the first people to know, since Clare's mom knows that Denise was the one closest to Clare, she asked her if she knew where she was. But only Denise know that she'll never be coming back.

Clara the dead girl.

Denise grew fond of that name. But it was a name for Clare only she could accept. In fact, it was a name for Clare that only she knew. She never told anyone of this knowledge, what did she have to prove it anyway?

Denise closed her eyes, trying to remember the 'once alive' Clare. The one with sparkling blue eyes that only a few had the ability to see. The Clare with wavy, brown, shoulder-length hair she had always admired. The girl with a stern looking face but always smiled every time she saw her.

Denise knew that Clare's body was and never would be found. Because there was one more name only she could know. All of a sudden, Denise felt the temperature drop a rather significant amount, and the cold wind entered her room. She opened her eyes and smiled at the pale girl in front of her.

Clare the ghost.

Clare had been doing this to Denise many times. And Denise had grown used to it. But it was always heart breaking to see this Lara. This one had dull and empty blue eyes, limp and lifeless hair, and lips that had never seemed to have smiled at all.

A ghost would have to have regrets to be willing to stay on earth. I mean, Clare could be free, yet she was here. It's like holding the key to your own jail cell and you still would choose to stay. Denise had tried asking her what her regret was, trying to help her as a friend...but, like when Clare had been alive, she remained mute.

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