Club Fever

This is a crossover of my dads dream characters civilized zombies, lion people with horns who use dinosaurs as bouncers and hit men, and of course large talking ants and my you guessed it Zachary's Enjoy

I walked in looking like a million Loya's (currency) and saw the patrons two giants were drinking beer and a lion person was sitting in the table guarded by to Utah Raptors ever vigilant for trouble and of course the civilized zombies who wore modern clothes could talk and had high standards (Especially towards us Zachary's). I sat at the chair near the bar a civilized zombie man who had a large scar on his face asked in a gruff voice "What will it be" I then asked for Deadman's ale and said "hey what's in this stuff" I said since it had strange taste "Brain matter, blood, and bone meal" he said I then spit the liquid out which sprayed on a giant ant who was about seven feet tall. "Ohh Keck (s or f word in this case both) I said to myself my heart began to race thinking the Ant was going to bite my head off instead the giant ant asked if I was okay since I was very pale the Civilized Zombie bartender shook his head. I was okay in minutes the Giant Ant then bought me a common soda that the ants drank and it tasted just like a soft drink. However it made me very hyper and I asked what's in this the giant ant said it was pure sugar and that's all I needed to know "I'm ready to Kecking party" I said I then got onto the dance floor dancing like a fool everything seemed like a blur. Suddenly this hot civilized zombie blond came up to me and asked if she could dance with me I said yes and we both danced close together our eyes fixed on each other at first it was hard to see she was a Civilized Zombie then I saw the skin was greenish and looked like she had been buried under the earth a while however for me it wasn't a deal breaker and for some reason the scar on her leg wasn't that bad either did these Civilized Zombie women how unseen charms that charmed us Zachary's "What's your name miss" I said kindly " Emily of House Rot bark a merchant family" Emily said proudly " So daddy's spoiled rich girl then" I smirked. Emily laughed "Yeah it was funny crying crocodile tears and making my dad buy me whatever I wanted". We continued to dance Emily seemed to have limitless fatigue and continued to dance then again if I was "Dead" I wouldn't be fatigued. I panted and left the dance floor my legs ached Emily then handed me a note I read the note that said " Hey I liked the way you danced we should do this again also here's my number 264-9135 call me. I smiled this was one heck of a club I also felt jealous since the original Zachary only made clones and his father had giant ant, dinosaurs, lion people, and of course civilized zombies I read the tour guide and said don't go to the Island it is said to have a lone Cyclops also avoid going on the motel train which is a motel that runs continuously on a train tracks the tenants are violent brawlers. The final place on the tour book was a house that also ran on rail tracks but where a dog shape shifted into a cute frog. I laughed this is a very interesting place.