Two shady figures walked in the misty fog towards an abandoned warehouse through a dark alley. The day was chillingly cold and dark, and the sound of the crows flocking indicated the imminent danger that was to come.

"How many guys were there?" The taller figure with silky silver-blue hair spoke up, his blue eyes somewhat glowing in the dark. A cross hung down his neck which swayed left and right with each step. He held a pump-action shotgun which rested on his shoulder.

"Twenty." The shorter one, only by an inch, replied. He had spiky red hair and golden eyes. He wore a button shirt which was undone halfway below. He wore a loose red tie and his collars were unkempt. An unbuttoned black blazer was worn over those. A single chain hung down his slacks which sounded with every step he took.

"Twenty? That's unfair for them! They're way outnumbered." The taller one gasped slightly.

"That makes it easier, doesn't it, Remi?" A sneer protruded on the redhead's face.

"Well, ten for you ten for me, Wolfe." Remi replied as he unbuttoned the uppermost button of his shirt and adjusted his black vest.

"Okay, but don't go stealing my kills." Wolfe ordered demandingly.

"I won't, I won't!" Remi shook his head playfully. "They'll get a fair share of my brand of mercy."

"Heh." Wolfe chuckled.

The two reached the abandoned warehouse. There wasn't an entrance to speak of as a section of the wall was already busted down. The warehouse was old and worn, it looked like it could collapse any time soon. The two entered it through the hole in the wall and slowly proceeded forth, their footsteps out of sync.

Spotlights flashed on them just after making it several feet in. They saw multiple men armed with machineguns, each and every one of their barrels pointed directly at them. They each wore a tuxedo and had sunglasses on, as if they were part of a mafia.

"What a warm welcoming." Wolfe stated with a happy grin.

"I guess they were expecting us." Remi slid the pump on his shotgun as he prepared himself.

Wolfe reached into his blazer and took out a single silver handgun. He and Remi pressed their backs against one another as their eyes took note of every assailant in the warehouse.

"I count twenty, nothing wrong with the info." Wolfe smirked. "You ready for the usual?"

"Aw, heaven yeah!" Remi smiled back.

The two shouted in unison,


Chapter 1: The Priest, The Wolf And The Bunny

The moment Remi noticed how one of the assailant's finger twitched on his trigger, he fired his shotgun at the assailant, blowing him and three people who stood nearby him back. The moment the loud bang was heard, the other assailants were prepared to fire.

Remi bent over as Wolfe vaulted backwards over him. Wolfe aimed for one of the men and fired a single shot directly at his chest before he slammed against the ground and rolled onto his feet.

The assailants fired their machineguns, a loud unarranged mess of gunfire echoing in the warehouse. Remi and Wolfe made a run for it and managed to effectively evade the machinegun fire. They got behind a pillar and used it for cover.

"How much did you get ?" Wolfe asked.

"Four." Remi answered calmly as he pumped his shotgun.

Wolfe then jumped out of cover sideways and in midair, he aimed for one of the men who wore a fedora and shot a bullet right through his skull. Using the force from that shot, the handgun reloaded a fresh cartridge as the used bullet flew out of the chamber.

Wolfe aimed for another man and fired two rounds at him, one incapacitating his knee and the second blowing right through his stomach. The third man Wolfe aimed for was shot right in the eye and then blasted away at the shoulder.

In the few seconds Wolfe did this, the three men were pushed back to the ground as Wolfe touched the floor and immediately rolled to a nearby pillar and took cover.

"We're even!" Wolfe shouted loudly as he tried to have his voice heard amidst the loud machinegun fire.

And in just a moment, the firing stopped. The two of them looked out of their covers to see nothing. The assailants were gone.

In an instant, they were ambush by two men who wielded machetes. Remi instinctively blocked the strike with his shotgun whereas Wolfe pulled out a compact knife from his blazer. The two locked weapons with the machete wielding men. Wolfe quickly slammed his handgun at the man's hip and fired a fatal shot that tore through him.

Remi forced the weapon lock into his favour as hard as he could and aimed the barrel of the shotgun at the man's face. With a sadistic smirk, he muttered. "God bless you." He pulled the trigger, decapitating the man's head, sending it flying across the warehouse. He turned to Wolfe as he pumped his shotgun again.

The both of them said together, "Five!"

They quickly staggered back-to-back and walked together as they eyed their surroundings. Even though the warehouse was empty, they still felt sceptical. A single toothpick fell to the ground which Remi heard. With quick thinking, Remi pointed his shotgun upwards at the girders and fired a round at it, causing it to collapse with four men injured badly.

"One more and you don't get any more kills!" Wolfe shouted as the assailants started to fire their machineguns down at them. The two ran as fast as they could to evade the fire.

Wolfe quickly attached a laser sight to the bottom of his handgun's barrel and run up a pillar. He then kicked off of it, aiming upwards toward the dark girders.

The moment he noticed an anomaly, he fired two rounds, keeping both hands steady. He heard a man's pained screamed, indicating he was right on the money. He aimed a little to the left and noted how the laser shone rather reflectively. Guessing it was the sunglasses the men wore, he shot right at it and took down another man who fell off the girder.

Split-seconds before his back touched the ground; he fired three rounds at two other anomalies and finally rolled back onto his feet. He cockily grinned as four men fell down hard onto the cement floor.

Remi gave him a thumbs up sign when he turned around to face him.

"There's two more..." Wolfe sniffed loudly. "I can smell them."

Remi pumped his shotgun once again. "I can feel it."

Two men ran out of cover from the pillars with a roar as they pulled the triggers of their machineguns. In milliseconds, Remi ran to Wolfe, pushed his left palm against his shoulder and vaulted over him with a somersault. When Wolfe felt that Remi's weight was gone, he crouched slightly.

The machinegun bullets missed them by inches as they executed that move. Remi placed both hands on his shotgun and fired a round at the man, blowing him across the room. Wolfe stretched his arm and swung it at an inhuman speed and then fired a single shot at the perfect moment. The bullet that flew out of his gun bent as it moved towards the man. It pierced straight through the back of his skull at and sent him tumbling on the ground.

Remi landed perfectly on both feet. "Amen!"

"Here's a victory shot!" Wolfe shouted with ecstasy as he pointed his gun upwards. "My last bullet!"

Wolfe fired the victory shot upwards, the single bang echoing in the warehouse. After a brief awkward silence, the warehouse started to crumble.

"W-What have you done?" Remi shouted at Wolfe angrily.

Wolfe shrugged as he discarded his gun's magazine and replaced it with a new one from his blazer. "I didn't do much. Just a victory shot."

The roof of the warehouse started to fall apart.

"Let's get out of here!" Remi shouted.

"No shit, Sherlock!" Wolfe shouted with desperation.

The two ran out hastily through the hole that was made in the wall. The kneeled over, panting unendingly as the warehouse collapsed.

"Good thing we could cause as much collateral damage as possible." Remi muttered.

Several days passed since the shootout in the abandoned warehouse.

At a small apartment room located in the city, Remi relaxed himself as he lay on the couch. Cans and boxes of beer were messily stacked beside the couch. Across him was a flat-screen TV that was playing a cartoon about a sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea.

The door slammed open as a happy Wolfe walked in. His clothes were still the same, except for the fact that he didn't have his slacks on. In fact, he didn't have any pants on. He was in his heart-patterned boxers.

"Where were you?" Remi asked as he threw a can of beer toward the rubbish basket, but missed. "Indulging yourself in the money we earned by picking up random skanks?"

"Hey, they aren't skanks!" Wolfe replied angrily. "They're sexy ladies with a lower IQ than most people!"

"Sic, skanks." Remi replied flatly, much to Wolfe's irritation.

"Whatever, you're just envious that you can't indulge yourself in these pleasures because you're a priest!" Wolfe teasingly stated. "Or do you prefer little boys?"

"I don't allow lust to consume my soul, unlike a certain other person in this very room." Remi boldly claimed. "Where did your pants go anyway?"

"..." Wolfe glanced toward the ceiling as he recalled. "... Left it at the skank's place."

"And hah!" Remi made a raised his thumb and index finger to look like a gun and pointed it at Wolfe. "That is why it is much more productive to not have a hyperactive sexual life."

"Tch" Wolfe was slightly irritated. He took out a letter from his blazer's pocket and threw it at Remi. "We got mail, looks like another business deal. It's from the Delgato family." He left to get a pair of slacks to wear.

"Great, I know they pay well!" Remi caught the letter perfectly.

He then opened the letter that read, "To: Shotgun Wolf"

He unfolded it to read its contents. At the top of the letter was a picture of a rather fat bald man who Remi was sure he saw once or twice.

"Target: Ambassador Conwell

Venue: Skyla Manor

Time: 2100

Pay: $1 000 000"

Remi smiled in joy the moment he read the pay. "Gotta love the way they handle these things, fast and straight to the point."

"So?" Wolfe fastened the belt around his waist. "How much is the pay?"

"A million bucks." Remi joyously stated.

"Awesome!" Wolfe pumped his fist into the air with a shout.

"But it doesn't state the date, only the time." Remi muttered, killing Wolfe's joy.

"What? One does not simply forget the date!" Wolfe's jaw dropped as he made an o with his right hand.

"Relax." Remi smiled as he changed the channel to the afternoon news.

"-will turn up at the ballroom party tonight at Skyla Manor." The female reporter stated before moving on to the next subject.

Wolfe's eyes widened. "So it's tonight?"

Remi nodded.

The large manor was comparable to a palace. It had a very antique architecture that would bring nostalgia to those who would even glance at it. The manor was of course, protected by electrical fencing that would hinder any desire to break in.

Remi and Wolfe hid behind a patch of bushes in a dark corner of the street. Their eyes were fixated on the crowd that rushed through the entrance of the manor, the gates wide open.

Remi held a briefcase that kept his shotgun, albeit in separate pieces that needed assembly. He sighed. "So, how do we get in? Climbing the fence is out. Security seems pretty tight."

"We can rush through security right here and now." Wolfe suggested.

"No, there's no guarantee that Conwell fellow's even in the manor to begin with." Remi muttered as he bit his thumbnail. "We'll have to wait."

A young girl's voice shouted, "Why are you two hiding in the bushes?"

The two of them turned around to see a young teenage girl who was barely three quarters their height. She wore a light-brown coat with fur-like intrusions on the collars and wore a miniskirt with leggings. Her long, braided hair was orange-brown with her eyes matching.

When she stepped forward, the duo noticed something shocking about the petite girl. She had a sniper rifle as tall as she was strapped to her back. Wolfe quickly pulled out his handgun from his blazer and pointed it at her.

"Who are you and what do you want?" He asked.

"Oh, calm down." The girl raised her hands in the air. "I'm not going to harm you in any way, Shotgun Wolf. Or should I say, Cornelius Remington and Dyson B. Wolfe?"

"How do you know our names?" Remi narrowed his eyes.

"I have to know all my competitors." The girl cockily shrugged as she took out a business card and flung it at Remi who caught it. "I'm Pink Bunny, Usagi Kotonoha."

"P-Pink Bunny?" Remi's eyes widened as his pupils dilated upon seeing the card. "You mean THE Pink Bunny who's been stealing our business opportunities with all that flawless assassination skills? That Pink Bunny? But you're just a little girl!"

"Try me." Usagi smirked. "Actually, I'd rather not, don't wanna waste ammo. Besides, I'm not flawless, I just don't cause as much collateral damage is all. Anyway, we've been hired to assassinate Conwell. So let's work together yeah?"

"Do we still get a million bucks?" Wolfe asked.

"No, the million is divided between us." Usagi calmly answered.

"Half a million still is quite a number for a single target..." Remi muttered.

"Let's shake on it then." Usagi stepped forward and offered a handshake.

Wolfe arrogantly looked away. "I don't work with little girls."

Remi smacked him on the back of his head for saying that. He then shook her hand. "It would be a blessing to work together with you, Usagi. So let's give that Ambassador heaven."

"At least one of you is nice." Usagi smiled brightly at Remi. "So what shall be the name of our temporary alliance? Pink Bunny Shotgun Wolf?"

"Why yours first?" Wolfe growled at her. "Shotgun Wolf Pink Bunny."

"Pink Bunny Shotgun Wolf!" Usagi stepped forward to him with anger and irritation in her eyes.

"Shotgun Wolf Pink Bunny!" Wolfe shouted back.

"Enough! Quarrelling won't get us anywhere." Remi pushed the two away from each other. "For now, let's just call ourselves..."

Usagi and Wolfe stared at Remi in anticipation.

"Pink-Shotgun Bunnywolf."

Ambassador Conwell sat at the back of his expensive car, looking out the window as the scenery whizzed by with a greedy look.

"(If everything goes well today, I'll have monopolized everything in this city, I'll be a tycoon! But some of the mafia have figured out what I'm up to, that's why I need some protection. From the best.)"

The car stopped nearby a dark alley. A single figure wearing a long raincoat and a hat walked nearby the car as Conwell rolled the window down. They chatted rather quietly until the figure nodded.

"Understood." He said. "If the ballroom goes straight to hell, I'm free to do as I please."