Dallas had never realized how many red-headed females went to his school.

He'd never been attracted to a particular hair color over another to notice before. He didn't really have a "type" – hell, "female" was his type. But suddenly, red-heads appeared to be the new "in" thing. Some shades he saw were definitely not natural; even he could work that one out. But even then, either there was something in the water or the Weasleys had moved into town and transferred all their children.

"-hear me?"


Eyes that were an exact copy of his own rolled at him in barely contained exasperation. "Guess that's a no then. Did you hear anything I said at all?" Lucas asked him, shoving an object at his gut.

Dallas took the Chemistry textbook from his brother's hands to avoid any more damage to his stomach muscles. They were still bruised from an elbow or two during yesterday's basketball game against Clear Bay. "That depends, did you say anything after you said 'hi?"

"Seriously? You're going to make me explain Friday's Chem class again?"

"No," Dallas said fervently, shaking his head at his brother. "I'd really rather you didn't." Dallas wasn't bad at Chemistry, truth be told. It was the only reason Lucas had picked him over Mike to switch with, considering they both regarded him as the less reliable identical triplet brother. But it still didn't mean he enjoyed the subject. "Look bro, I'll work it out when I get there. There's also my exceptionally hot lab partner who can explain things."

Lucas didn't look impressed by his lascivious smile and waggling eyebrows.

"Whatever. Just please don't scare her off, she's actually good at Chemistry. Plus someone else might not fall for this as well as she has."

Dallas bit the inside of his cheek and nodded dutifully. So maybe he'd sort of chosen not to mention to Lucas that Amanda had worked out the switch on day one. It kept things interesting, and lord knew school had been deadly dull the last few months.

Until her.

"Do good Chemistry. Don't scare off Amanda. Got it," Dallas said, backing away in the direction of the classroom to put an end to their conversation.

Lucas raised an eyebrow. "Since when do you know the name of a girl you're not fooling around with?"

"Just doing a good job pretending to be you," Dallas replied, giving Lucas the finger.

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