I left the house for school the next morning with confidence tainted by nerves. I had my plan but I didn't know for sure whether it would work of not. I anticipated its success since I would be in grave danger if it didn't. After all, the bully had proclaimed in his disgusting slyness that I would be dead.

My brother, Gerwain stood that the door with me as I built up confidence to leave the house. "I'll walk you to school if you want me to," he offered. "The bully won't go anywhere near you if you're with me, I'm bigger than him."

"My plan won't work you you're there. I need to go alone," I said while looking at the small electronic device I held in my hand. 'The fool won't know what hit him.' I thought.

My brother watched as I left in silence while pocketing the device, that was unknown to him. Not even he knew what my plan was. I had kept it very quiet when I asked Serena for help.

In the late afternoon, when school had ended, I left the building, staying hidden within the crowds, this made me feel safer. I checked my trouser pocket for the device I had brought with me that morning and panicked for a second when I couldn't feel it. Reaching down deeper into my pocket, I realised that it was there. This made me feel even more nervous than before, things were bound to go wrong, I felt. It wasn't as if this was the scheme of the century, it didn't take much thought and was very simple. Anyone could have thought of it, but it still needed to work.

I made me way to the same urban area as yesterday, and saw my target, or tather, my bully saw his target, me. The male's face was covered in bruises and a sinister smile. My enemy reached out his hand and pointed his finger, telling me to come but curling it up. I walked over to him acting terrified, but I wasn't that afraid, just nervous. I had to exaggerate my feelings or he would get suspicious.

As I walked over, I remember to put my hand into my pocket and secretly press that essential button. When I reached him, the bully took his moment and snatched me by the hair and dragged me inside the same alleyway as the day before. It was time to get to work. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean for my dad to find out and hurt you! What do you expect? You're a bully!" I wailed as him as I was backed up against the wall.

"You still shouldn't have told, now I have to silence you!" he sneered and pushed me against the wall.

"What have you said about my dad?" I asked shakily.

"Well, when I told the police what he did, I made a slight exaggeration of what he did to me, and of course, told a few lies. They don't even know about this," he hissed and smiled at me menacingly, showing his imperfect, yellow teeth. With one hand he held me against the wall, in the other he revealed a knife. I gave a scream of fear as loud as I could, the next part of the plan was complete and it was time to count on Serena.

I looked to the side when a saw a shadow loom over us. The bully turned and widened his eyes, he was the terrified one this time. There was Serena, in Police uniform, with her taser pointed at him. "Don't you even try it," Serena hissed. "Put your hands up and step away from the girl."

The bully shakily did as he was told, "And drop that weapon!" the knife fell to the floor with a clink. Serena then took out her handcuffs and secured the bully. I was the one with the smirk on my face now.

Serena took out her walkie talkie to her mouth and called for backup, low and behold, the same officer as before turned up several minutes later in the police car. Serena walked out of the shades of the alleyway with criminal in grasp while I followed behind her.

"What's going on here?" the man asked when he saw the three of us.

Feeling on top of the world, I stepped out in front of him and revealed the device, with the click of a red button I gave a smirk and said. "I have my evidence."

"Y-you set me up! You recorded me didn't you!?" the bully was screaming in shock, slowly coming to realisation of all of the things he had just said to me, and all of the things he never denied during his attack on me.

"Thank you, Serena. Now I would like to come with you to make a statement. A truthful one," she teased the bully with my words. The scum was wallowing in his guilt, corruption had been neutralised.

I got into the car with Serena, the bully was detained at the back. I was grinning from ear to ear, realising I would no longer have this problem, the plan had worked and dad would be free. He must have been at the police station for over 24 hours now, so it was about time I had helped him out.

I was taken there to make my statement and give my evidence. With a jump of joy I ran down the holding cells with Serena. I looked in the third one down the hall on the left as I had been told to see a miserable middle aged man, my dad. "Dad!" I called. He turned and looked up from his sulk. "I did it! I gave proof! You're free now!"

Dad got up from the small chair in the corner of the dark cell as Serena turned the key in the lock. She opened the barred door, my father rushed out to me as it swung open. I jumped into his arms and smiled with joy as he embraced me. "Thank you," he said sincerely as the tall figure wrapped his arms around me.

"You won't be bullied any more. Your bully's confessed to harassing you along with several others, he's going to prison for a long time," Serena said and smiled at me. "As for you, Alan, now that we know what really happened, your actions towards the bully was deemed as…"

I was overwhelmed with joy this was getting better and better, she continued. "…justified. The charges have been dropped."

I felt proud and it looked as if my father did to, I looked at him to see a beaming smile on his face. A smile that even my stoic father failed to hide. "Thank you," he said again and nodded his head towards Serena.

We made out way out of the building, feeling satisfied, knowing that justice was dealt. It was always worth fighting corruption.

Lucy Labrador