Taylor was annoying. he was loud, arrogant and cheeky. If Blaine could get away with it, he would straggle the man to death. He was the embodiment of everything Blaine hated about humans in general. Cheerful for no reason. Loud, always talking about something or other. His clothes always messy. That look with just radiated the words 'I take orders from no one'. Taylor was worse as well. He had a charm which drew humans to him, which infected them with the same sentiments. Good thing Blaine wasn't human.

For a human, Blaine had to admit, Taylor was dangerous. The kind who was used to people trying to cut his throat. The kind who knew how to charm his way out of a situation. Yet also knew how to force his way out if needed. Blood was on Taylor's hands. Not that many would believe it. For a human, going against Taylor was to dance with death. He may let you live a little longer, but if you miss a step. Stumble in the dance. He would strike.

Blaine had watched, unknowingly to Taylor, from a distance as Taylor almost killed a man who had betrayed him. Sliced the man up with simple movements as the man begged for mercy. Only at the last second did Taylor let the man live. Even patched the man up. Then again, Blaine mused thinking back, that may have been his original intention. He hadn't heard of anyone betraying Taylor after that. Too scared to. A predator in sheep's clothing. However Taylor was blissfully unaware of anything other then human. Unaware there were bigger predators. Blaine included.

Taylor loved music. Loved to dance. His movements graceful, by human standards, on both the dance floor and off. Even Blaine appreciation Taylor's dancing. But the human didn't stop shaking his ass in Blaine's direction, he was going to grab those hips and pound the man into the ground.

Human males should not act like bitches unless they want to be used like one. Blaine shuddered as the image of Taylor writhing below him gave into his head. He had many fantasy of what he would like to do to that sinful human. He wasn't obsessed or anything. He had fantasies about others too. But watching Taylor dance in a club with other humans made him daydream. Even more so when the dancing was practically sex with clothes on.

If it was anyone else Blaine wouldn't have held back. But Taylor was not some stranger of the street. He was his work partner. Well, his official legal work anyway. Technically they worked in the police. Nothing too exciting. The odd interesting job but the rest of the time it was dealing with robberies and filling out paperwork. Taylor did the job well, and for good reason. Being in the police gave him access to information he needed. Blaine did the job because there was nothing else really to do.

Then something happened. A call came in on Blaine's phone, forcing him to leave. He almost didn't notice Taylor. If he had been human he wouldn't have noticed. The man employing some of his skills to stay hidden while shadowing him. Any other night and Blaine would have let him. But tonight Blaine had to deal with a rouge. It would not be good for Taylor to get involved.

Falling into the shadows, he let himself disappear from sight. Watching as Taylor looked around confused and mystified. No one disappeared from him. Then a call came though on Taylor's phone. The human answered it, Blaine taking note it was Taylor's red phone. The one he used for his jobs. Taylor's face twisted into a serious expression, though there was a look to those eyes. One of twisted pleasure. He enjoyed killing. Rare, mused Blaine. Fighting was fun. Fucking was fun. Killing was boring to him. Sure there was that moment of power when you held someone's life in your hands. But what predator didn't get a thrill from that.

Taylor hung up and after one last look around, left. His prey, which is what Blaine assumed he had been, was gone. Blaine left a few moments after that. He had work to do.


The next morning was a rough one. Blaine had managed to hunt down the rouge and kill it. But not before it had taunted about killing people before Blaine had reached it. About biting a few as well. Blaine had been orders to the pack to be on the look out for bitten and for newly changed over the next few weeks and when the moon came. Depending on the people, Blaine would keep a few. Kill the others. Harsh but some humans couldn't take the change. Others were far too dangerous. Both to the pack and to humans.

"Blaine!" greeted a loud and familiar voice. "How come ya skipped out on te party last night?" Taylor asked throwing himself on his chair opposite Blaine. His words slurred lightly from his accent.

"Taylor" He greeted back in a friendly enough tone. "Small problem which had to be sorted. Nothing to worry about"

"So everythings cool?"

"Yep" Which is when Blaine smelt it. A scent on Taylor which wasn't normal. The scent of a rouge. Blaine eyes narrowed and despite itself Blaine's heart gave a flip of hope. He studied the human in front of him closely. Noticing the dark bags under his eyes, his shirt the same as the day before and a small lump on his shoulder. "Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Na i called away too. 'cept mah problem is unsolved"

"I'Taylor say" Blaine commented, his eyes focusing on the shoulder. "You're leaking"

"What? Shit man!" Taylor cursed as he saw blood coming though on the shirt. He practically run out the room, heading to the bathroom. Chuckling Blaine debated chasing after him, but decided against it. No doubt Blaine would be able to find help on his own. But he had much to think about. After all Taylor was one of the newly turned. To make thing even better, the rouge would not have made a dominant male werewolf. Too much risk. No he would have make a submissive. This changed a lot of things.


Blaine watched as over the next few days, subtle chances happened in Taylor. All part of the transformation, though the final one would happen at the next moon. A throw back from the days when they would only change during the full moon. Now it was simply a counting point. That and your senses were sharpest during the moon aswell.

Somethings were more subtle then others. Taylor began listening to Blaine's orders more. His newly forming wolf instinctively knowing Blaine was higher up the ranking order then him. The look on Taylor's face as he noticed he was following direct orders without question was hilarious. The man who had always made a point of disobeying to infuriate people was obeying for reasons he didn't know.

Others were more obvious to everyone, at least those who were looking. Despite the baggy clothes he was wearing, Blaine would see Taylor waist thin slightly, giving him more feminine curves. That perfect ass was beginning to look rounder and firmer then ever. If Blaine was had been having a hard time not pinning the man down and fucking the life out of him before, not it was almost impossible. Though, he held back. He was the pack leader after all. He would have first claim at that ass when the moon came.

"Taylor" Blaine greeted as he walked by the man's desk, Taylor looking tried, dazed and confused. "You ever get that business sorted out?" He asked sitting in the chair by the man. Another change in Taylor was his scent. He smelt like a newly bitten still and anyway wolf would be able to tell he was unchanged. Unmated. Though at the moment the fact he was submissive was hidden. The scent only really called to other wolves to let them know this one was changing into one of them. That they needed to help him understand.

"No" Taylor pouted, focusing on Blaine automatically. His eyes narrowed, and he frowned, suddenly in Blaine's lap, his eyes studying over his chest. Blaine was still as the man placed an ear to his chest, "You okay Blaine?" He asked, sounding worried, looking up at him with big round eyes. Blaine could see both the newly formed cub and Taylor in those eyes. United over a small he wasn't fine.

Huh, so Taylor did care for him then. The cub would only be seeing an older, more powerful male who didn't seem alright. The cub needed someone to protect him during the first change. There was nothing wrong with Blaine, no doubt Taylor's scenes were improving now. He probably could hear heartbeats and pointed Blaine's was faster then most humans. Maybe even feel that Blaine was warmer as well. "I'm fine Taylor, listen to your own heart rate. You'll be just as fast" Blaine spoke calmly and carefully, not wanting to scare off the creature in his lap.

It said something about Taylor's normal behaviours that the people around them didn't even blink at the sight of the fully grown man curled up on Blaine's lap, talking to him like normal. Taylor frowned, pressing a hand to his chest, not having noticed his own. Blaine took his moment to reach forwards and lift Taylor's top slightly, just enough to see were the wound had been. The skin was completely healed, just a white line as a scar from the deepest part of the bite.


"Healed well. That's good" Blaine smiled gently at Taylor's nervousness. Whether Taylor realised it or not, he was acting like a cub. Curious but obedient. Automatically Blaine began patting the back of Taylor's neck, making the man almost purr and curl up so he was lounging over Blaine. Blaine chuckled, nuzzled the head of hair down resting on his shoulder.

A few people did notice this, but they were more surprised at Blaine for allowing the behaviour more then Taylor doing it. Blaine usually would have pushed his friend to the floor. Friend or not, knowing an assassin was curled up on your lap was not a safe thing. Got his instincts in a buzz and it was harder to control himself. A cub on the other hand was a different matter. Even if Taylor wanted to kill him, at this point, he would be unable to.

Blaine lost track of how long they stayed like that, one hand in Taylor hair's stroking it lightly, offering a reassurance. The other typing at his computer, actually doing his work. Eventually Taylor crawled out of his lap, looking very red and embarrassed. "Sorry" He muttered before running away. Something which was completely out of Taylor's character.

Blaine smiled darkly. Taylor's cub was always at the stage where it was seeking out comfort and protection from an older wolf. Blaine had two major advantages in pocket. The fact he was the strongest Alpha around and also he was Taylor's friends. They tended to react better to familiar presences. The hard bit would be the actual claiming after the change. It was one thing for the cub to want it, another for the human half. This was going to be fun.