chapter 4

To say Blaine ran fast would be an understatement. As a wolf, he could move almost faster then the eye could register. As a human he was slightly more restricted by two legs but he could still move faster then most people would notice him anyway. Still, normally he had no reason to run as fast as this other then to see just how fast he could go. He was running like that now. Every thought in his mind focusing on the two cubs who were in distress. The newly bitten was close to losing all control. HE could smell it. But why?

He blinked as he found himself in a flat. He ran up the stairs, trusting his nose to guide him and it did. Straight to a Red door. He didn't hesitate, he barged in. The second he was in, he noticed three things at once. He also thanked the gods he was a wolf as his reflexes gave him time to duck before being shot with a bullet. First thing he noticed was the blood. All over the floor and on the walls. It looked like a murder scene. Complete with satanic pentagrams, candles and strange smelling herbs. He rolled to the side before leaping at the man who had shot him, grabbing some of the hanging herbs and throwing them at the man pot and all.

The second thing he had noticed was the blood was not the cubs, nor was it all Will's. Some of it was, but most of it was someone else's. Another wolf's, if his nose wasn't mistaken. But no wolf he knew personally. He was glad of this. Not only because it meant no one he cared about was dead, but also because he wasn't sure he would be able to remain in control of himself if he was fighting in the blood or someone he knew.

The man yelled and began shooting at him wildly, Blaine diving behind a table to stay safe. "Damn Werewolves ruin everything" The man yelled madly, his voice snarling. Blaine smelt silver. This was a hunter. The sort, by the sound of it, which killed its prey. Blaine growled mentally, just what he needed to deal with. Pulling out his gun from his side, he shot back a few times, trying to confuse the man. A werewolf, after all, never used a weapon. A police officer on the other hand did.

"Come out and fight you mangy mutt!" The man growled, his gun still shooting, Blaine dodging the bullets. He could smell a lot from this man. Smoke. Blood. Alcohol. He was drunk? Great he was fighting against a hunter who was drunk. But then again, that could go either way. Would either mean he could would be easy to kill or harder.

"Fuck of you bastard! What you done to Will?" He roared angrily, still able to smell Will's blood.

His nose was itching. There was something important about those herbs. Something about the symbols and blood. Silver and rosemary, were filling his nose, making him want to sneeze. The four corners of the room were filled with them. Which is when it hit him. The urge to transform. The herbs were to encourage a wolf to transform.

'No!' he growled to his wolf who whined, wanting to come out. Luckily Blaine had his wolf under control. 'We need to help Will!' He growled to it. The wolf whimpered but wrapped itself around Blaine. There minds melding lightly, letting the wolf have some awareness of what was going on, but no control.

The third thing he had noticed, and possibly most important. Either the cub nor Will were in this room, though there scents were. They were close. But so was the strong scent of silver and burning.

"The little wolf? He's fine. Just it time actually. Going to rid my boy of every last trace of bad-blood" The man yelled sounding mad. Blaine blinked twice before an uneasy feeling came over him. A long time ago a cure was found. Or what they believed to be a cure for the wolf. It purged the body of what made you a wolf. but it took a day of torture. The sort few survived. Then the actual ritual itself almost always killed the person. he had heard rumours of it working. Once.

He had to stop it.

Blaine had to kill this man quickly. He dived at him, roaring wildly, his hands transformed into claws. The man fired a shot at him, but Blaine was already out the way, he punched the man in the gut. A loud cry of pain coming from him. Before he could fight back, Blaine grabbed his hair and ripped his head off. Slicing the man's throat open with his claws. The chilling sound of bones bone and of flesh ripping filling the room. He let the head drop with a sick thumping sound. Turning to face his company.

Both Tina and Taylor were staring at him from the open doorway. Tina looked about to throw up from the scene. It looked like something from a horror movie. Taylor just seemed morbidly fascinated by it. He looked at his hands to see they were still claws and definitely not human. He raised one up and gestured for them to come in.

"I thought I told you to stay!" He growled angrily. Both cubs flinched and took step back. Their instincts warning them of how much danger and trouble they were in right now. A stronger, more powerful wolf angry at him, in a puddle of blood, having just killed. Normally a recipe to get yourself killed. Tina reacted first, turning to flee, it all too much for her. "Taylor!"

Taylor reacted to the order like he normally did. He grabbed Tina around the waist and pinned her arms to her side to stop her running. She shook in fear, but Blaine at the moment did not have time to deal with another panicking cub. "Taylor, move so she can't see it" He ordered and he walked though the blood to the room where he could smell Will.

"What are you doing?" Taylor asked, letting go of the woman just long enough to spin her around so she was no longer facing the open door. Even so she could smell it still. The smell clogging up her nose and making her feel sick. She closed her eyes and buried her face in Taylor's shoulder. His familiar yet unfamiliar smell comforting. A hand rubbed up and down her back soothingly. Taylor knew this kind of scene was always hard to look at for ones who weren't damaged like him.

"Saving Will and the other person" Blaine answered back, seeing no reason to lie. He opened the door and almost lost it in rage as he saw the scene in front of him. He was glad he had ripped the man's head of. If he had a second chance, he would do again but this time rip him piece by piece until he died indeed of letting him off easy.

The man, or maybe boy? It was hard to tell from the angle. He was young, either a teenager or early twenties. He was locked in a silver cage, gagged as he screamed in pain from the feel of silver against him. His hands and feet were tied together and he was almost naked except for a piece of cloth around his waist. There were wounds all over his body. Wounds that should have healed but couldn't. No doubt for silver poisoning.

Will was tied on a table, a large wound on his chest, his arms tied to one end with silver manacles. His legs to the other. There was a silver pole on the wound, making him writhe in pain, but like the boy, he was gagged to stop any sound coming out.

Blaine's first action was to rip the silver off his cub. Will screaming more for it, but then slumping to the table in relived. Silver chains he could deal with, silver in contact with his blood he couldn't. Blaine freed his hands, before rushing over to the newly bitten. Trying to work out the best way to get him out as quick as possible. "Taylor! I need a hand!" He roared, knowing the girl would be no use but Taylor would be. Not only was he a cop, he was also a killer. These scenes didn't effect him as much.

Taylor was beside him, Tina in tow, he had carried her over the blood. "Will" She cried as she saw the wound on his chest. She went green at the sight of the other man.

"I'm fine" Will murmured, sounding dazed and drugged.

"Tina help Will, Taylor see if you can break the lock!" Blaine ordered. Taylor let Tina go, the woman thankfully pulling herself together enough to rush to Will's aid, seeing what she could do for the wound on his chest.

Taylor broke the lock easily. It was silver to stop wolves touching it, but about from that it was easy to break. They pulled the boy out and pulled the restasts off him. He was crying in pain, Blaine running his hands over him to try and sooth him. So many cuts. SO many burns. A nasty set of cuts on his back. Ones which made a symbol he knew. 'bad-blood'. Blaine could see traces of silver marks all over him. His father had put silver into the blood wounds. They would take a long time to heal. Then the boy started convulsing.

"Shit" He cursed, pulling his phone out and tossing it to Will. "Call the others. Tell them we need a clean up crew" He ordered, as he wrapped his coat around the boy. Hugging him close to his chest, trying to stop him from hurting himself.

"He's having a fit" Tina reasoned, his eyes wide with horror.

"No. He's changing" Blaine growled, sweeping the boy up and moving fast. He couldn't change here. Not in the city. He had to get the boy to a safe house as fast as possible. The silver was causing him to have a reaction. Something which meant the cub inside of him was trying to get out. Trying to find safety. "Will get them to my apartment" He ordered before running out of the flat. How no-one had come yet was a credit to the bad neighbour they were in. Screams were normal. He ran as fast as he could down the stairs, keeping a firm grip on the boy as he struggled and convulsed. He could smell Taylor behind him. He growled, he didn't have time to deal with him at the moment! If he couldn't get the boy somewhere safe to change...