Deathly Monologue

I live in a world where no one hears me. Creatures flash past me, their nebulous outlines seeping into the edges of my vision. In my ethereal form, I am lost. There is no way in and no way out. Stuck in limbo, stuck in the middle; the in-between. I cry for help but there is nothing to say. Words won't form. Not anymore. Instead I gasp, my dead lips forming a silent scream that will never come. I claw at myself, ripping at my unbreakable skin with malformed nails. As each cut deepens, it heals, smooth layers of immortality replacing my attempts my break myself. I hate this life. This is not life. This is not death. This is pain, torture, humiliation, grief, desperation, anger, inhumanity. This is the very worst of us. What no one should ever endure. But I am. Because I chose this. And I will regret it for all of eternity. Why? The question is meaningless, as I don't know the answer. Anything would be better than this. I wish for death, for life, for love, for the agony to end. You can't see me but I am here. I am standing right beside you. Don't be scared. I'm begging you – just help me.