You can't map this route.
You can't plan where
The road will end.
The journey may be hard,
But never give up,
And trust me, there will be times
When you will want to just
Lay down and die.
Throw your hands up
And scream to the sky
"I can't do this anymore!"
But that is the surest way to
Set yourself on a path to failure.

Grin and bear it.
You don't even have to grin,
If you don't want to.
Just bear it.
You might meet bandits,
You might get lost,
You might get hurt.
Anything is possible.
But if you
Refuse to be beaten by
The game of life,
Life shall reward you.
Who can say when
And in what form?
Just follow the road
Mapped out by your heart.
Walk the path that
Was always intended for your feet.
And your feet alone.
Pick any direction
And your heart will take you there
If you let it.
You might not always agree
With what it has to say -
And sometimes your brain
Might get in your way -
But don't think about it.
Don't think.
Just do.

Just walk the path laid out for you.