Scared of releasing my emotions

Scared of telling you how I feel

Because when the time comes,

things will never be the same.

That day, I know, will be filled with heart break, disappointment, sorrow

Maybe even regret

Because I know we will never be what I see

You don't look at me the same way you do at her

You don't speak tome the way you speak to her

Heck, sometimes I have to make up a conversation just so you can keep on texting me

I wanna tell you now

I wanna tell you soon

But I know I should expect doom

Because the moment I tell you how I feel

Will be the day things will never be the same

And at times I wonder

Is it worth the risk to take?

You tell me

But please don't be mean

Because if you thought about it carefully for a moment

You will see,

me and you are a love

That can actually be.