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"I need you to understand something before I kill you." I whispered in my victims' ear.

"Y-yes. Tell me." He stuttered with fear. He looked into my gleaming eyes from his position on the floor; he was tied up, helpless and hopeless.

He was clearly hoping that, by talking to me, I would prolong his life. Alas, that would not happen.

"I have waited long enough to kill you, a few more minutes will not delay my getaway." I walked around him in a circle; my eyes fixed on him. My victim is shaking with apprehension.

It is true, I am terrifying. I have only been out of prison a few weeks and it shows. My face is gaunt and my eyes are things of terror, almost black with no white around them, perfect for scaring my victim. I wear a suit on my slim and tall frame; my hair is covered by a red baseball cap. I have sandals on; despite it being the middle of a Canadian winter.

"Yes… I have been searching for you, ever since I left prison. But you know that now, don't you?" I had brought my face close to his; so close our breathes were mingling. It was cold in this abandoned warehouse.

He nodded.

"I want you to understand that what you did to me will not go unpunished," I slid my hand over his freezing-cold face, he closed his eyes. "Thus I will kill you."

This man had put me in prison for fifteen years; fifteen years of torture and punishment. He was guilty of the crime that had put me in prison. He had killed that girl and placed all the blame on me.

I put the gun against his head and pulled the trigger.


He slumped. I had got my revenge.

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