I know it is not Halloween yet, but Hurricane Sandy is coming and I wanted to get this up before the storm.

Jane Doe

Walk, walk, walk quickly or they will find out. She had to go, she knew too. Whenever I told her what was really going on, she laughed and turned away. She thought that I was joking. It was no joke, it was all real.

I could not let everyone find out. If something was funny to her, she told the entire world. I could not let that happen.

Last night something snapped inside of me. I do not know what it was, but it just happened. I was not about to let her nonsense be my downfall. It just was not going to happen. Therefore, she had to go or they would know.

I told her to run away before it happened. I told her to hide from me, but she did not. She had her chance to leave me. Her love was her downfall.

I bury my hands into my face. They will never connect her back to me. I will be too far gone. They do not even know who I am. Someone will call in her body tonight. The police will think of it as some kind of sick and twisted joke. They may not even look into it tonight.

They will not be able to tell who she is anyway. I made sure of that. Every trace of her is gone. What they find of her will be dubbed Jane Doe. They will never know.

Why, you may ask. It was the only way. It was the only way. I could not let my past get out. She could not stay on this Earth and know who I am.

I cast one final look at her nice, lovely grave. It will be the last I see of her. Above me the moon shines down. Halloween is the perfect time for murder.