"Officer! Officer help me!"

"What's the problem mam?!"

"M-My son!"

The police officer and the petrified woman ran into the grey stained house with the blue door but what lay ahead they already knew. In the first bedroom on the second floor was a young man around his twenty's in a smart black tuxedo . Dead.

The police officer approached the man and kneeled down to check his pulse while the woman shivered in the corner. The officer paused for a moment before turning and giving the woman a quick nod as she burst into tears and screams.

"Why?! Why him?! He was so young!"

The officer walked over and began to comfort the woman but nothing was working.

The CSI and forensic team soon arrived to investigate but already knowing the outcome. The victim was Mr Victor Macomb. A man well known for his riches but spending them in pubs, clubs or gambling as soon as he got them. Not the best kind of lifestyle to live but then who am I to say that? Anyway, they wouldn't find any evidence apart from what they already had despite these being the best in the country they had as much evidence as they would be getting. The man had his throat slit from the right to left making it a quick death and not incredibly painful. The body was not mutilated but just left to drop dead. The killer came in and escaped through the window with no sign of any forced entry. But that was it, no suspects, no solid evidence, no clues.

"Sorry Sir but it's the same as usual…"

"Damn it! There was nothing?!"

"No nothing new. We know how this killer plays and they obviously don't want to be caught"

"Of course they don't want to be caught idiot! Geez how can one guy be this sneaky?"

"Sir we still can't confirm if it is a man or a woman-"

"Do you honestly believe that a woman could do this? It has to be a man!"

I hated it when people said that. I mean I know that females aren't usually as strong as men but that's no reason to rule them out. But then again, it does kind of take me out of the picture… but as if they would catch me, they wouldn't even suspect me!

A man then came running into the home panting.


"What is it?"

"T-T-The k-killer is o-on the r-r-roof!"


All the investigators rushed outside and looked up towards the moon and sure enough there I was. It was a little thing I liked to do after my work was done like in some kind of movie. I would stand on a building in front of the moon so when people looked at the moon they saw me. Obviously I didn't let them get a good look at me because of my clothing. My "Uniform" was inspired by that twenty-first century game Assassins creed 3 which was given to me by a friend last year to give me some experience or something like that. Anyway I liked the clothes the main assassin wore in it and created my own version with a slight 3012 twist to it. Anyway I would stand there with my clothes blowing in the night's breeze for a bit before running off to someplace where they wouldn't find me.

"Damn it their getting away! Follow him!"

I knew they would try to follow me but they didn't have the skills to climb and jump from building to building like I did so I could easily escape. I always thought of it as a game of tag and if that was true, I was the best player there ever was! I would always stop somewhere to hear the detective shout "Curse you Lunar Assassin!" It was funny as I could imagine me in one of those old cartoons like Scooby-doo when they said that.

Anyway after all this commotion I would head back the clock tower in the centre of town and meet up with my friend Haruhi. We used the clock tower as our base since it was the perfect place where nobody would think to look. The clock was self-dependant so it never broke down or needed attendance which meant no one would come there. There was a small entrance in the top of the tower just big enough for a child or small adult to fit through so we used that as our door. We would have to climb down some ropes before getting to the main area but that wasn't a problem for us.

I entered the living room where Haruhi was sitting on his laptop by his desk. Now the thing about us was that we both had different jobs. Mine was to kill and a bit of theft and Haruhi's was theft and disguise. This meant that he would make costumes and things to make our home more comfortable or safe but he worked more on the disguises. Haruhi didn't leave much so most costumes were for me but we had decided that it would be better if we weren't too suspicious. As the main suspects for the Lunar Assassin were boys we decided it was better to be girls. This was easy for me but since Haruhi was a boy he decided to dress up as a girl. I don't know if this became some kind of habit or fetish or maybe just practice but Haruhi would dress like a girl 24/7 and would even act like one as if he was a girl (Believe me I sometimes found It hard to believe he was a boy). I didn't mind this though; it was if I actually had a friend who was the same gender as me. He had short sky blue hair which he attached a long sky blue pony tail to with a yellow ribbon. As for clothes he would wear a classic sailor girl uniform with red necker and short blue skirt with long white socks and brown shoes.

"Haya-chan your back!"

"Hey Haru-chan!"

Haruhi ran up to me and gave a big hug as usual. I looked forward to a hug from Haru after a long day's work, he was the only person who actually cared for me since my parents…you know…died…

"So Haya-chan how was work?"

"Oh you know usual as ever, how about you Haru-chan?"

"Oh it was great, look I made a new wig for you!"

Haru was extremely talented in the creative and design industry and could make practically anything with the right materials. This did mean stealing the materials but that wasn't a big problem.

Haru passed me a long crimson wig to try on. I usually cut my hair short so it didn't get in the way of my job so Haru would usually make some kind of wig for the daytime. Just in case you were wondering Haruhi's parents are also dead. We grew up in the same area and our parents both had the same jobs. My parents wanted a boy to carry on their work but got me instead. They named me Hayate and trained me in the art of assassination and were surprised by how good I actually was. Haruhi was also meant to be an assassin but couldn't ever kill someone; his personality just doesn't match with the job so he got into the theft and disguise work. Being thirteen and a wanted criminal isn't really what you would expect but it's the life we were forced into.

"Wow it looks really good on you Haya-chan the colour blends in with your hair really well!"

"Yeah you got the colours really close, thanks Haru-chan!"

"Hehe thanks!"

Haru would always make dinner for when I came home so we could eat and talk about tomorrows plans before heading to bed. Our beds were in the same room since we were limited to space and had just enough walking space between them. I got into my bed and Haruhi came toddling along with his favourite teddy that I made for him on his seventh birthday. Even though it was a bit tatty Haruhi always treasured it and kept it close. He lost it once about two years ago and didn't sleep a wink so I always make sure that it was always there.

"You got Tatty-kun?" I asked

"Yup, hes right here!" he said holding out the teddy

"Ok then, goodnight Haruhi"

"Night Hayate!"

We both got under our covers just as the sun was setting and darkness fell.