Gift From Hell

Tick Tock, Tick Tock

There goes a knock.

Creek Creek, Creek Creek.

As i make my way

to the door

oh, how I feel

so sore.

I open the door,

there's a box,

which is labeled 'sock's'

i know to never judge

a book by it's cover.

i set it down, then it begins to hover.

it's under a spell,

which they sent from hell.

I wonder what it may be.

I open it up, and with wide eyes

I see a baby.

It has fangs, it has claws,

It's eating a baby doll.

'how wonderful.' I think.

to own a child

with such a fate.

he grows up,I've taught him well.

He can hear the ringing

of a bell.

Time to eat,

some delicious meat.

he's a killer,

He's a thriller.

He's a falling in love

with a girl

by the river.

A tall, blonde,

vampire princess.

He's no prince,

but he gets a hence.

He leaves his owner,

In a pool of crimson blood.

To fulfill a life,

wsithout greed from me.