Were am i sapose to go

why am I always forced to choose

how was i sapose to know

what i want to loose

i don't want this to be

another battel over who gets me

always voteing for one or the other

just to find ones true lover

hearts like conjoined twins

cast aside in garbage bins

gasping for breathn and choking on my air

i'm loosing it because your not here

insanaty grasping the upper hand

time through my finger tips like sand.

my heart is going over the edge

is there not one person who can hold me still

is ther not enough blood, for my heart to fill

i feel myself falling from a ledge

whithout you

I'm torn between two others

without you

their never the same

without you

theres nothing here to stop me

and none can make me stay

a cord to hold me down

is all that i crave

who am i

who can i be



mentaly ugly

who are you

so soft so warm

but am i to be with you


for better

for worse

for sickness

for health

does my wedding fanasy needs help

or am i gazing into the futur

i hold out my hand as i watch you fall

i run when i hear your call

i call to you, out of the prision cages around me

call for you, because i am afraid

call for you because i am lonely

call for you after i have prayed

we watched eachother grow

we'r older now don't you know

who's to say we arn't ready

save me from the nightmare

of being torn

from my heart pull this bloody thorn

and now for the grand finally

this is when you'll hear me say

I love you, forever and today