Little Bird

"Fly high, little bird

Fly high, reach high,"

They told her to fear


They told her to let

No one stop her.

Told her to reach

Past the sky.

But they were the ones

Who pushed her down.

They were the ones

To destroy her hope.

With "impossible"s

And "no"s,

Her wings became heavy.

No longer did she fly

So high.

And then they came

Throwing sticks

And stones,

Blames and lies,

Knocking her to

The ground.

And there she lay,

Trodden and forgotten.

She no longer reached

For the sky.


And quite quickly,

She lost the urge

To take to the sky.

A/N: My last and final poem for you guys. Sorry for all those who follow me. I probably spammed your inbox. O(^_^)O All the other poems, are old ones. I am simply taking some from the group of poems labeled "Short Poems" and making them individual poems, because the word limit is now changed from 90 words to 25 words. Some of the poems also just work better in their own little world. Also, I am going to create 2 new groups of poems, again, using poems already published here. They will be organized under the names of "Insane" and either "Lust" or "Sex". Not sure which. Probably Lust... sounds more poetic. Okay. I'm rambling. Bye! And review please!

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