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Dark blue eyes stared into miss-matched indigo and violet. "Do you trust me?" he asked, his warm breath tickling her ear. She let out a soft breath, and nodded slightly. His fingers came around to the back of her neck and unlatched the clasp. Pulling his hand away, he held a dark red crystal on a chain of silver. Staring at her, he lifted his hand, and pushed her off the cliff, towards the crashing black waves.

She fell, her black hair billowing, the black silk gown flying around her. She did not protest. She did not fear. She did not struggle. She could not save herself, even if she wanted to, now that her necklace, her power was gone. But she did not mind. She was content. The waves came closer, her lover farther away.

And then it stopped.

She hung, suspended, mere millimeters from icy cold blackness. Her eyes to the sky, at the black figure at the top of the cliff. Her dress's hemline trailed in the sea, and she took a deep breath, and spread her arms.

Suddenly, she was jerked upright, her writs crossed above her head, bound by an invisible force. She shot up towards the night sky. To where her lover waited.

He pulled her to him, once she reached the cliff's ledge. She collapsed into his arms. They were one. They would survive. They would never die. They were different. They were special. They were darkness. They were poser. They were magic. They were one.

A/N: So, If anything was confusing, here is the gist of it; Two lovers. one female and one male. Obviously. He is... testing?- her love. Her loyalty. He takes off her necklace. The necklace that gives her power. Magic. And he pushes her off the cliff. She falls, her back to the water. She does not mind. She trusts him. Even if she were to die, she would not mind. Her last minutes were spent with her love. And then, she stops falling, right before she almost freezes to death in the water. And then they get reunited, yada, yada, yada. They are one. They are immortal. If you did not get that, then you have no thinking capacity.

Inspired by jaspersluv1863's His White Queen (HP FF). Unfortunately, ever since that new FF rule about sex/rated M stuff, it has been deleted. However, you can find it on .

Another shout out to Nene Thomas. Her digital art is amazing. I have purchased the puzzle Lover, the art done by her. This also inspired me.

Another shout out to my awesome, awesome, and indescribable friend, Alice. She is the best. I sorta stole the necklace idea from her... Love ya too Ali!

One last shout out. To my favourite and most inspirational composers, Adrian von Ziegler and BrunuhVille. Your music does wonders. Almost any of their gothic or romantic music can be listened to while reading this story. It creates an awesome effect. :) I suggest You and I, Wolf's Twilight, or Vampire Tales: Blood, Love, and Dust by BrunuhVille, or Ashes, Ghost Bride, or Queen of Thorns ny Adrian von Ziegler.

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