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The Andrew Parkington Middle school principle was one of zero tolerance in any student and of zero diet. He had a head full of lush rich black hair, a plain wardrobe, a haughty appearance and a gut that went way over his belt making some of the boys in the room wonder how he was able to take a piss without peeing on himself. Though none of them said it out loud in fear of making the man angrier than he really was, his face was completely red and consorted in a way. They all knew what they had done to get into this situation and they were in fear of what would happen.

"Mr. Macedonio" said an asian girl with wavy black hair with a willows peak, pale skin, chocolate brown eyes, a slender figure and pompous demeanor. "For the record I had nothing to do with what happened last night it was their fault I'm only just-"

"Be quiet Ms. Kanagawa" he shouted hoarsely which was unrecognizable to the girl. "I have asked the other students at the presentation and the six of you were responsible for most of the damage."

Man even goody two shoes Kanagawa got yelled at this really bad thought one of the other girls there. Her fiery round brown eyes hungered for adventure, her almond brown hair fell out of her pony tail and into her eyes a bit, she had an oval face, tan skin, and seemed to take sports as she was more muscular than some of the others.

Principle Macedonio tried to calm down a bit for the sake of his blood pressure but after what happened last night he would never show his face ever again. Last night was an disaster area, there was parents screaming, he was nearly fired, oh heck fire men had to get involved.

A vein throbbed in his head and his face became as red as a beet "Now do you all know why you are all in the principal's office?"

"Um your here to give us a reward for our spectacular fireworks presentation" Matt said hoping this wouldn't be as bad as what happened with his parents. Matt was a scrawny boy with very dark eyes, dark carpet like hair, and he was extremely pale compared to the other kids.

"Idiot it was your little 'science experiment' that got us into this mess" Brian Greyson spat at Matt, Brian was a tall handsome boy with smooth chocolate skin, black buzzcut hair, slited dark eyes, his clothes were very worn out and he had a large nose that had a little bit of a scar running across it.

"B-B-But it was Wither Feery who tripped the rocket I was just putting it awa after Mr. Rivera said no pyrotechnics" Matt defended himself.

"Let's also not forget who hyped her up on pixie sticks or should I say the crack designed for kids" Rachel angrily said, her eyes drifted towards Lily Rose.

"Oh so your trying to pin this on me you spoiled brat" Lily Rose said.

"Well she's loud enough so what would posses you too-"

"CAN YOU GUYS STOP FIGHTING!" screamed Lina, she had pretty wavy auburn hair, her right arm lay lip at her side, light tan skin, and perculiar scars on her arms that she covered up with long sleeved shirts. When everyone's eyes were on her she started to shake violently and looked ready to cry about, her eyes darted to floor.

At this moment Mr. Macendnio looked ready to blow his fuse and expel them all but Lina's panic attack brought him back to earth. He ordered Vice principal Benson to take her outside so she could relax. After that he was left with the other five Lily Rose Jentson, Brian Greyson, Matthew Williams, Rachel Kanagawa, and Ciel Marsh a vietmes boy with a mop of dark brown hair, black eyes behind glasses, a muscular build, a turned up nose and long fingers.

"Yesterday night was the school's fall play, Romeo and Juliet am I correct" his glazed stare floated over to Ciel wanting a immediate response.

"Yeah- I mean yes Principal Macedonio" Ciel stuttered.

"The first incident occurred when Ms. Johnson who is currently absent and Mr. Marsh started to play the wrong song for the intro so instead of hearing a sweet melody for the intro they instead heard Party Rock anthem." Mrs. Rivera had brought back Lina in time to hear her role in the conspiracy. Lina been forced by her parents to participate in the school production for her own good but she still hated every minute of it but she managed to get a simple job as stage hand, she didn't at all feel comfortable with boys so when she had been told to give Ciel a certain CD she freaked out and picked up the wrong one. Ciel who was lost in his surroundings while still working sound booth didn't notice which CD he had played. It didn't help him when Skye Sweet, Wither Feery and Martin Clearwater had started to shuffle despite them all being actors on stage.

"The second also occurring during the intro was when you Ms. Jentson and you Ms. Kanagawa had started to get into a brawl on stage." Lily Rose sighed and repeated to herself all the reasons why she had been stupid while Rachel looked down at herself ashamed. Lily Rose didn't like Rachel and Rachel didn't like Lily Rose but Rachel had crossed the line when she called her dad a sociopathic killer and Lily Rose out of pure rage called Rachel's mother a gold digging bitch. When the teachers pulled them apart Lily Rose had won when she knocked Rachel's nose so hard blood started to spew. Though the coach who had been there that night kicked her instantly off the soccer team. That also probably blew her chances of making the gymnastics team, the baseball team and the dance team. They had even broke some of the equipment in the brawl.

"The last of the incidents yet the worst to occur at the intro was Mr. Greyson and Mr. Williams mentioned was when despite the rule against pyrotechnics a rocket was lunched and set fire to one of the props." Matt squirmed in his seat while Brian looked like he didn't care but still sat up straight. True it was cool when the firework had set off but it wasn't so cool when it had set fire to the curtains spreading to the banners.

So basically they had ended the play before it even began and caused severe damages to the auditorium. What with broken equipment, a ruined sound booth (the music had been so loud and the sound booth so old the music crashed it) and a partly burned stage.

"Now all of your have a few options" This thoroughly surprised all of them since Mr. Macedonio had a notorious reputations of giving you a thirty detentions for just passing notes in class but options was that even in his vocabulary?" My wife-" oh that explains it, Mr. Macedonio also had a reputation of quivering under his wife's feeble glare though she was usually very relaxed.

"My wife thinks I shouldn't punish you that hard for the sake of your permanet records and my blood pressure. Option one is Mr. Marsh, Ms. Kanagawa, Ms. Johnson, and Ms. Jentson receive two weeks suspension While Mr. Greyson and Mr. Williams receive expulsion for the fire." Brian and Matt got up to protest about how unfair that was and it wasn't even they're fault that had happened.

"SIT DOWN!" he commanded of them but it took Lily Rose, Ciel and Rachel to physically restrained the two. Mr Macedonio pinched the bridge of his nose and count backwards from ten. "Or work for the gestation of the school year in the school library from 3:30-5:00 pm." Instantly they all nodded their heads and said yes, volunteering in a library sounded much better than suspension or even expulsion.

"But due to this being only two hours the six of you have hear by had you rights to participate in clubs, dances and fields had been revoked." He had to yell over the screaming that occurred, everyone had either joined some sort of after school activity or was going to, Ciel was even currently running for student government secretary and had spent two days making poster and Lily Rose had writing club to look foreword to. Rachel, Brian, Lily Rose were eighth graders (along with Lina but she didn't protest one bit, she just wanted to leave.) and had been looking foreword to the D.C field trip while Matthew and Ciel had been looking foreword to the trip to the Rockefeller center.


"Choose!" his eyes darted to Rachel,

"Option two."

"Choose!" his finger pointed towards to Lina who was looking down.

"O-option two" she said so quietly he almost hadn't caught it. He did so with the others Brian and Matt had obviously no choice but to go with option two, Ciel contemplated it but eventually went with option two and same with Lily Rose.

"Good, now your duties start today after school, you will report to the front desk in the library to Mr. Gideon Pager." Everyone but Lina was sulking in self-pity to notice Ciel's color grow cold and pale, and sweat beads drip down his skin.

He was seriously hoping that he had heard the last name wrong and he even tried to convince himself otherwise to no avail. On the walls of Mr. Macedonio's office was a picture of the founder Mr. Parkington with his beating blue eyes, the only problem was the founder Mr. Parkington was known for his soft light brown eyes not beaty blue eyes. The eyes locked down on each of the children examing them with a glossy stare.

No they wouldn't be too much trouble to the plans ahead.

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