"Your final lesson is to beat me! Ahahaha!" my dad said.

"WHAT! That's impossible you won the tournament three times already," I said in a weird voice.

"I would never put you through all that training if you couldn't win," my dad said.

"But I lost against you all the time. Why would you think I could beat you now?!" I said in a selfish voice.

"SHUT UP!" My dad said in an angry voice.

"Whoa, calm down dad!" I said in a frighten voice.

"Okay, I'm sorry for yelling…" He said in a calmer voice. "I'm just saying that I know you're ready."

"And what if I'm not?" I said.

"Well, now we have to see, right?" My dad asked.

"I'm up for it!" I said in a psyched voice.

"Okay let's start…begin!" my dad shouted.

I swung at him first, but he sidestepped out of the way. Then he attacked fiercely. I jumped his swing then I whacked him in the back (with the hilt of my sword).

He fell to the ground and said with a voice traced with pain, "I give up…my back hurts too much. You win."

"I won? I won…" I said in a cheerful voice. "YEAH! I won!"

"Wow, my back hurts please help." My dad said in a moaning voice.

"Oh yeah, sorry I'm just happy!" I said with pride.

"I'm grateful for you, so please get Steven to help you bring me to my bed." My dad commanded.

"Okay." I said with a smile.

My dad laid in his bed, while drinking tea in a polite manner. I was just sitting in chair, also drinking tea.

"Tomorrow is the tournament so you better get ready," Dad said after taking a sip.

"I'm so ready." I said with determination.

The next day, Steven, my dad, and I had stepped into the arena, when the seats on the outer circle were still empty. With my sword on my side, I felt pretty excited.

"Here we are boys; we are finally at the tournament." My dad said cheerfully.

"So why do I need to be here?" Steven said in a bored tone.

"Because you need to support your brother!" My dad said.

"Yea bro," I said with fake sadness.

"Fine," My brother said.

"Hey!" Someone said in a distance.

I turned to see it was Claire.

"Oh, hi Claire," I said.

"Hi Shawn, before you go in I want to say good luck in the match, I will be cheering for you." She said with an excited expression.

"Let's go!" We all shouted in and happily, except Steven.

I walked into the waiting room, it was grey and the benches were made out of concrete, I saw a lot of fierce opponents, but there was a weak-looking one. I really wished I'd have him as my first opponent.

I walked in the arena. I looked at the match board it seemed like I was going against a guy named Hamon. I looked around to find my opponent, and I opened my mouth wide when I found him he was like a giant! I can't believe I was going against this guy. He had an ugly face, and he was at least 10 feet tall with a really long and thick sword (how can he carry that thing?!). So I went up to him to talk a bit, but then I smelled his stench…which was nasty!

Then he said, "Are you my opponent?"

I said, "Yes,"

Then he laughed at my face and soon after, I nearly passed out by his breath. It was so bad…like a swamp and a landfill mashed together.

Later, I regained balance.

Then I said in his face, "I will win"

"Good luck with that." He said with a snicker.

I heard the bell ring twice. "The match was about to begin," The ref said.

Then I said, following with an evil laugh, "See you at the battle field…"

"I'm going to kill you, midget." Hamon said to me, fiercely.