You know how sometimes that nervous lump feeling in your stomach will randomly show up for no reason? And then you're left feeling paranoid for the rest of the day?

That's how I felt until lunch.

Ever since Kris said he knew about my best friend killing himself, I was kind of panicking. I really had no reason to. I mean, I should have put a bit of fate into his secret keeping skills.


Anyway, as I walked towards my locker, debating whether or not to call my dad and tell him I was freaking out, Liam popped up out of nowhere.

"Hey, Zoë told me you were talking to Kris in English," he said quickly. "Please don't tell me he's flirting with you already."

I frowned slightly "Not really. I'm not sure what it was," I said. "Why do you care anyway?"

Liam's cheeks turned a little pink "It's just that he flirts with pretty much every girl worth looking at. I don't want you thinking he actually cares."

I glared at him as we got to my locker "I'm not stupid enough to fall for that. Trust me, players aren't new to me," I said a little too harshly. Liam was beginning to get a little, I don't know, annoying? I mean, I think I can take care of myself. Then again, he was almost a head taller than me. I didn't look like much.

"I didn't mean to offend you if I did. It's just that Kris is my only friend who will talk to me after I pissed off Dawn. I know him better than most. He just takes girls, uses them and then dumps them a week later. It's terrible, but he's good at it," Liam explained.

I opened my locker and shoved my books inside. I didn't know what to say to that. I pretty much knew the position Liam was in. "If he's so terrible, then why are you still friends?" I asked. That question had crossed my mind a million times while hearing girls complain about Darren. It was hard to find a good reason.

"Because he can be a great guy. It's just that girls used to do to him, what he now does to girls. Break their hearts and run," Liam said with an expression I couldn't read.

I could have peeked into his head to see what he was really thinking. But after a morning of hearing everyone's thoughts, I wasn't about to venture into someone's head. Especially after I just got control of my power again.

"So he's getting revenge," I said as I closed and locked my locker.

"Pretty much."

Suddenly I frowned "Wait, why are we talking about this?"

"Because as much as I don't want you falling for his tricks, I don't want you to think Kris is a totally bad guy either," Liam said with a smile.

I gave Liam an annoyed look and shook my head. "You can be confusing sometimes you know that?"

Liam's smile grew a bit "You should hear Zoë when she gets in an argument she can't win. Talk about confusing."

I smiled but said nothing.

"So, are you having lunch with Zoë and I today?" Liam asked.

I shrugged "I was thinking about going home for lunch today."

"Spending time with your family is always good."

I laughed "Not when my sister is in the house," I said. "But she's off at collage. So I don't need to worry about that until Thanksgiving."

"Do you and your sister fight a lot?" Liam asked.

I sighed and nodded "She's a drama queen who likes pretty clothes and boys. I, however, wear ripped skinny jeans and over sized t-shirts," I gestured to what I was wearing.

"She doesn't like how you dress, I'm guessing," Liam said as we reached the main doors of the school.

"If she had her way I'd be like Dawn and Nori," I said simply.

"But then you wouldn't be you." Liam said in a tone I couldn't understand.

"That's the point."

Liam frowned but didn't say anything.

"My family is confusing, trust me," I said. "Some days even I can't follow what's going on with them." This statement was quite true. My sister was always jumping from one issue to the next, my mom was always stressed over something, and my brother was in middle school. He had a better social life than I did.

"Must be interesting though, nothing ever goes on in my house. My father's too busy trying to make us a normal family," Liam said with a bit of anger in his voice. It was obvious he didn't like his father. I would have guessed that just from the story they told me.

I shrugged gave a small smile "I should get going."

Liam smiled back "Bye."

I turned and left.

The walk home was short and boring. Up until I reached my street that is. That's when I noticed the tall, muscular, and dressed in balck guy walking about 15ft behind me.

I pretended to take no notice but trust me, I was freaking out on the inside. For a second I struggled to remain calm but once I got a hold of myself I was quickly gathering a plan just in case.

Wait, I thought to myself, you're jumping to conclusions. He could just be a normal guy, going on a leisurely walk. A guy covered in tattoos, but still a normal guy.

I glanced over my shoulder once again. The man had picked up his pace a bit and I could seen a devilish grin forming on his face.

He defiantly wasn't a normal guy going for a walk.

Picking up my pace, I pulled out my phone and dialed my home number. I second of silence passed and then a busy signal rang. As I cursed under my breath I quickly dialed my dad's cell. It was busy too.

I frowned and glanced up at my house at the end of the street. Only my dad's car was in the driveway. My mom wasn't home. What was he doing on both phones?

It didn't overly matter at that moment and I really shouldn't have been thinking about it at the time. It was made me stumble on an uneven edge of the sidewalk. I caught myself but I slowed my pace a bit.

I didn't look back again but I felt the man's eyes on me. It was a sixth sense kind of thing and it was quite creepy.

So much so that I was reading to bolt to my house.

But if I did that and the guy was actually harmless I'd look like an idiot and I'd feel bad for judging the guy. After a second of letting that thought sit in my head I realized I could live with being thought of as an idiot.

I looked over my shoulder and I instantly feared for my life. The man was pulling a very shiny gun out of his pocket and I don't think it shot water.

Slowly, I took a deep breath and then I was bolting towards my house. I instantly heard the man's running foot steps behind me. I didn't quite know if I could out run him. Sure I was small and light but the only exercise I got was the 20 minute walk to school. This guy looked fit. Like he spent the majority of his time working out because he had no other 16 year-old to go after.

I heard a few shots go off and hit the pavement just behind me. I didn't bother looking behind me knowing I'd probably trip and fall with my luck.

As I got to my house I didn't even bothered opening the gate, I just put one hand on the fence and jumped it. My feet hit the grass on the other side and instantly the man grabbed my arm.

Just as I spun around to face him, he suddenly let go and I heard him swearing beneath his breath. I turned to see the man on the ground with another guy standing with a foot on his chest.

The new guy looked to be in his early twenties with sandy blonde hair and warm brown eyes.

He gave me a warm smile "Go inside, Haven."

I just stared blankly at him.

The smile vanished and he gave me a deadly serious look "Go inside. Now," the way he said the last word sent chills up my spine but I still retreated into the house.

I slammed the door behind me and ran into the kitchen where I could hear my father talking.

My father gave me a confused look as I ran up and hugged him. He quickly hung up his cell phone and shoved it in his pocket. I thought that was highly suspicious but at the time I was too scared to care.

"What's wrong, sweetie?" he asked as he put an arm around me.

After a few shaky breaths I explained everything that happened from Kris knowing about Darren to the guy with the gun.

My father just gave me a reassuring smile and went to look outside. When he came back he looked a little relived "Good, Jackson took care of it."

I gave him a questioning look "Who's Jackson?"

"The young man that probably saved your life."

"Why was there any need to save me? Why was that guy after me? What's going on?" I asked quickly. My mind was beginning to recover from the experience and it was running at a million miles an hour.

"Calm down, Haven. I'll explain. But you're not going back to school. Is that okay?" he asked.

Slowly, I nodded "I'd rather not be there anyway. I couldn't control it this morning."

I didn't need to clarify what "it" was. My father knew. He could read minds also, it was a genetic trait that other I inherited out of the three of us.

"Again? You had a break last month too," he said with a frown as he sat at the counter.

"Yeah, anyway, explain what's going on," I said harshly as a sat beside him.

"Sorry. I'd rather change the subject," he said with a smile. "Now, where to start...Oh right, did Darren ever tell you about a group of people like us?"

"The Society? Yes. I still think that's a stupid name, but yes, he told me briefly," I said.

"Okay, well the Society is a very bad group of people. Very bad," my father said with a dark look in his eyes. "They will stoop to the lowest level to get the power they crave. And they're not afraid to take out teenage girls if they're a distraction for one of there members."

"Who would I be distracting?" I asked.

My father's face paled a bit, and his gold eyes seemed troubled for a second. "Who knows. They have members everywhere. I wouldn't be surprised if there were some at your school."

I could tell he was hiding something. That much was obvious. But what he was hiding I had no clue. I did know that there was a good chance that it had to do with who he hung up on.

I gave him another look filled with suspicion. "Okay, how does this fit in with Jackson?"

"I'll get there in a minute. Now, fifteen years ago, a member of the Society rebelled. He saw the way they were affecting the world and what they were planning. So this man decided that things needed to change. He gathered his friends who thought the same as him, and they gathered theirs and eventually another group was born. And if you think the Society is a dumb name, then the Anti-Society is even worse," he said with a chuckle.

"The Anti-Society today, is just as large and just as powerful as its evil counter part. But it's more defensive of it's members. Seeing as the Society will go after them and their families," he said slowly.

Finally, some of the puzzle pieces fell into place. "You're a member of the Anti-Society," I said as I stared at him.

My father shook his head "No, I'm the leader."

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