You're kind of stupid,

I think you're sweet

You're kind of stupid,

You make my knees go weak

Put your hands in the garbage disposal

To see what sounds it would make

When you smile your goofy smile

It makes my heart ache

Sometimes you act like you're the age of two

I don't mind if I can keep my eye on you

You ran into a sliding door

I had to pick you off the floor

You eat frosting from the can

I don't think vomiting was the plan

You're sort of stupid,

Yeah, you kind of are

You're sort of stupid

Yeah, you probably are

The worst thing is your neglect

You lack of love left my heart in wreck

Now, that's kind of stupid

Last time I checked

Even though you're kind of dumb

I think that you might be the one

Is that really stupid?

Yeah, it probably is