Ghost Boy


By the time you read this, I would have disappeared from your life. It's rather unfortunate that I must leave you this way; that this is how you learn of my parting. Please do not trouble yourself on behalf of my well being. Though I do not expect you to be accepting of my leave, I truly hope that you find the courage to read this letter in full.

As you may or may not know, there is an Academy of Aviation far off in the country side. This is my hearts intent, what I have longed for in this dreadful life of containment. I wish to fly more than anything in the world.

I am well aware that I would have been enrolled in the most prestigious of academies if I had requested, but this would have never quenched my thirst for independence. I have decided that this is something I need to do on my own.

I have felt that Father has always pitied me for my inability to speak. I know Father means well, and I can almost feel the devastation that he might soon feel. As my greatest wish and final wish upon you, do not show him this letter. He must not know. I fear if he finds truth he will put an end to all of this. This end to my dream.

Forgive me as I am to suggest this, please concoct some elaborate lie for my sudden disappearance. I cannot continue to live in this gilded cage of safety and confinement that has been built upon by your love and worry along with Father's pity and over protective demeanor.

I cannot speak, but this does not mean I am vulnerable. You of all people must agree with this. I will make both of you proud, even if from afar, and this is a promise. I am very thankful to have a mother like you. Not many people are as fortunate as I am to have you.

You have given me my life, happiness, and love. You have given me reason to aspire. Of all I hope to accomplish, your pride and love would be the closest to my heart. My choice may be selfish, but I want to live life, not merely exist. Nothing but death can stop me at this point. If you want me in pain, then find me. But if you want my happiness, then you must let me go. I send my love to Father. Most importantly... I love you.

With love that can never be matched,

Your dear son,