Written by MissXJinxedXKat

"Miss?" Nick raised his hand next to me.

"Yes Nicholas?" Ms Okta asked.

"Can I leave? I'm bored." Nick said with a straight face.

Jinx's head suddenly shot up from her desk, "No fair! If he gets a free pass then I'm leaving too!"

"Weren't you asleep?" Ms Okta asked her.

"No, I just do that so I don't have to pretend to be interested in what you're saying." She told Ms. Okta seriously.

"Oh, well in that case- NO WAY, SIT DOWN JINX." She yelled at Jinx.

"What are you going to do? Call my parents? Good luck!" She laughed as she and Nick left the class together.

"How long have we got left?'' Elliot asked the teacher.

"An hour."

"Yeah I'm leaving." I said.

"I hear that sister!" Elliot said walking out with me.

"GET BACK HERE!" She yelled at us as we walked out.

"I never liked her" Jinx commented as we met up with her and Nick in the cafeteria.

"Sooo.." Elliot started.

'So what?" Nick asked.

Jinx tapped her fingers together, "I think i have an idea!"

"Oh crap." Raelynn swore as lil' miss barbie and her possy walked up to us.

Natalie or Miss Barbie 1 as Jinx calls her, stopped next to Jinx and looked her up and down, "Wow, are you a boy or a girl? Sometimes i don't know. Black netted long sleeved top, camo pants, black heeled boots and urgh, that hair."

Jinx glared but stood her ground.

"No wonder your brother went and- "

Jinx's arm started to tremble.


Jinx stepped in front of him, "No Nick. It's okay."

"No it most certainly is not okay!" He protested.

"Why would it be okay" Natalie challanged Jinx – big mistake.

"Because in about 70 seconds – You'll be crying." Jinx said calmly before attacking Natalie, and pouring stew on her head and shoving a mirror in her face.

"NOOOOO!" Natalie yelled running off.

"68 job." Nick smiled holding out a fist.

Jinx smiled and bumped it with her own, "Tell me about it!"

"STARR!" Our principal yelled through a megaphone.

"Well." Nick started.

"Here we go again!" I smiled.

"OVER HERE MR. WOODFORD!" Jinx yelled waving as we all joined in.

"Oh for heaven's sake." Mr woodford muttered, "I hate this job."