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I shrugged on my jacket on, over my crisp white shirt, "Why do we need to do this?"

"Because we need to know if we are undisputed rulers of this school." Beth explained.

I rolled my eyes, "Must we?"

Beth smoothed down the skirt of her gaudy pink dress before answering, "Yes, Jared, we must. Now put your tie on."

I fumbled with my tie, finally succeeding five minutes before Beth pulled me to the top of a long flight of stairs. These stairs led into the hall, where pretty much the entire school was waiting.

Beth linked arms with me and we started to descend down to the hall. As we did so, a pair of spotlights fixed on us and the rest of the lights in the room dimmed, putting all attention on us.

Just what I want, I thought, steadily going down. I kept a firm grip on Beth as she was wearing 5-inch heels and it would never do for the heiress to Briarwood Companies to fall to her death.

In the spotlight, Beth was comfortable, while I was… less so. Although I was the star of the rugby team, I could always hide behind the other players. But here… I felt like I was on a platter about to be served to an angry wolf or something.

We reached the bottom of the stairs, we kissed as everybody expected. They clapped, as usual. Then the party started, with music being blared out of the speakers placed strategically around the room.

When Beth was being complimented on her kiddie dress, I slipped out of the nearest door. The one I chose happened to lead onto a stone balcony which looked out on a massive garden lit up by fairy lights. I sighed loudly.

"Surely you don't need to sigh that much when you have the most expensive girlfriend in school?"

At the voice I turned around, startled.

Looking back at me was Aiden, dressed in jeans, all stars, an old band t-shirt and a leather jacket.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, curious.

"Saving you from yourself." He said, reaching towards me and pulling me with him.

He dragged me all the way from the back of the house to the front, where his black truck was parked.

"Aiden, I've got to go back to the-"

Aiden cut me off, "Jared, come on, hurry."

He went to the drivers' side and got in. I got in afterwards.

"Best decision of the night, mate." He said before driving off.

I propped my feet up on the dashboard and turned the music up. All Time Low blared out.

As Aiden drove further away from the party, I strummed my air-guitar in the passenger seat.

After half an hour, Aiden pulled over in a lay-by on the edge of a dark forest.

I grinned, he'd brought us to his parents' cabin. We had spent a lot of afternoons here over the years, learning about the forest and all its creatures.

I jumped out and waited while Aiden went round to the back of the truck and got out two holdalls out. Then, as he walked past me, he gave me one. I staggered a little under the weight of it.

"What've you got in here?" I asked as we trudged up the winding path that led to the cabin.

Aiden only winked in the semi-darkness of the forest. I shook my head as we walked up the wooden stairs that led up to the balcony in font of the cabin.

Aiden opened the door and went in. I followed him into the dark hall. He turned the light on and we could see.

There was a low table in between two doors that led to a kitchen and a living room. Opposite those two doors there were two more doors, one leading to a bathroom and the other leading to the one bedroom in the cabin. It contained one double bed only.

Aiden led me into the living room, sat on the leather settee and opened his holdall, revealing its contents. He took out Stella, Carling, WKD and Magnus cider. He put all the alcohol on the table.

I put my holdall next to his now empty one on the floor. I grinned, sitting on the leather settee next to him.

He produced a bottle-opener from his jacket pocket. He opened two Stella's, handed me one and said, "To the best decision of the night."

We clinked the bottles together and drank deeply. That was the first of many bottles drank before midnight.

As the clock struck twelve, I stumbled across the hall into the bedroom. Without taking my clothes off, I fell on to the bed. Vaguely I heard Aiden follow me. Then I fell asleep.

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