The sad reunion was short lived.

Lora sprang up from where she knelt and spun around to face Melody. She pointed accusingly at her and said, "Is this why you were so late to his funeral?"

"More or less…" Melody replied sheepishly.

"No! There's no 'more or less' about this. You brought him back from the freaking dead and you expect us to thank you?! There is way too much crazy shit going around here right now and now you've thrown on the added bonus of having to keep a ghost a secret!"

"I'm sure the police are handling the disappearing and… dead… men," Riley said, trying to comfort her.

"I just wish one the dead ones was Mark. It also doesn't help that on top of having to deal with what is probably some kind of serial killer, Krystina is probably turning into something."

"What?!" both Riley and Melody exclaimed.

Krystina groaned then replied, "I'm not turning into anything. I just got hurt by some birds and I'm probably near that 'time of the month' which is why I snapped at you before."

"I don't think PMS covers calling your friend a 'slutty cow.'"

"Oh wow, really? Were you attacked by mood changing 'birds?'" Melody asked, folding her arms and like Lora, not believing the bird lie, "for god's sake, we have a ghost in the room, I think we can handle whatever it was that attacked you."

Melody had a point. But Krystina was still sceptical about telling them because she wasn't even entirely sure what happened.

They all sat on the cold floor and Krystina began to explain that she got a text message from a girl she'd met called Iris. Of course, not long after mentioning someone new did the three friends demand where she met this person. Krystina still didn't want to tell them about seeing Fredrick and Jennifer at the university. They all hated Jennifer since they think she was responsible for Riley's death and to them, Fredrick could very well be an accomplice.

She lied and said she met her a few days ago in the supermarket and defended her from some idiot of the male species trying to get her to go out with him. They didn't need to know that it was actually Iris that saved Krystina from a male. Plus, the lie is believable considering Krystina's track record with guys.

She continued on to say they hung out a bit and found each other on Facebook, meaning to hang out again later. She told the truth from there about the message she received about speaking to Iris outside, feeling extremely cold being kicked in the head then being scratched by someone else. She also added how Iris seemed to be sorry about the whole thing, as if she didn't even want it to happen.

"Doesn't matter if she meant to or not – bitch is gonna die," Melody said, deadly serious.

Melody stood up, about to exit her house and enter an Iris hunting frenzy, but her ringing phone stopped her.

"Hello? Oh, hi… Yeah, Lora's here, why? …Sure, come in. We're in the b-… we're in my bedroom."

She hung up and quickly said, "Riley, hide down here. Krystina, Lora, come to my room."

The three girls bolted to Melody's bedroom. As they were passing through the doorway, they heard the front door open and two people chatting to each other.

"Explain?" asked Krystina.

Melody opened her mouth then shut it again. She looked at Krystina then at her bed before asking, "Could you please hide under there?"


"Please, just do it."

Krystina shrugged then slid herself under the bed. She saw Melody's feet walk to her desk then took a seat at her desk chair. Lora sat on the bed gently so she didn't hurt Krystina.

The two people finally reached the bedroom.

"Hello my little cousin," said a woman's voice.

"I'm not that little…" Melody retorted.

"And you must be Lora. Pleased to meet you-"

She heard a slap cut off the man's voice. "Don't shake hands with a murderer or introduce yourself to one."

"Daphne, what have you been smoking this time?" Lora asked, taking the accusation as a joke.

Krystina recognised the name Daphne which meant the man had to be Dante, the twin brother and sister from the Beverley family – Melody's cousins. She only knew them by name and photographs in the house. Lora had met Daphne once and didn't have a pleasant meeting with her. Neither of them had met Dante before.

"Just arrest her," Daphne said in a bored tone.

Krystina saw Dante's feet move towards the bed then another slap. But it wasn't Lora. Melody had moved and hit her cousin.

"Stop joking around. Lora isn't a murderer," Melody said sternly.

"According to the recently deceased Mark Spencer, she is."

"He'd say anything to get her in… Wait. Deceased?!"

Krystina's eyes were wide and her hand was around her mouth to keep her from screaming what Melody had screamed.

"Oh come now cousin, you know of my ability. I ask for the murderer and then Dante arrests them. It's as simple as that. It helps that the victim and the murderer have a bad history so it's only fitting that she was the one who did it."

Lora hadn't said a thing that whole time. Melody was screaming at her cousins while Krystina was frozen in shock. She wasn't shocked that Lora had killed Riley because she knew that wasn't true. It had to be Rosetta's blog. Lora had written his name on the blog and at first was ecstatic, even calling herself Rosetta's new biggest fan. But the rush had worn out as Krystina had seen since Lora had been staying with her and realising that the blog rumour may not work after all. But now it had.

Krystina was about to come out from under the bed but Lora felt her friend's arm and stepped on it purposely, making Krystina draw it back. Lora then stood up and said quietly, "Fine. I'll go with you."

Melody rejected of course and began crying. Dante held the poor girl back as Daphne escorted Lora out. She didn't even make a run for it. Melody chased Dante as he retreated outside. Krystina removed herself from under the bed and chased Melody. But it was too late. Krystina heard a car pull away as she reached the living room and found Melody crying at the front door.

Krystina knelt down and hugged the girl. Not wanting to lose it as well, she continued to recite the words, "It's okay, it'll be alright."

Melody was a wreck. Krystina had guided her into the bedroom and had her lay down and try to calm herself. Melody was still sobbing but at least she wasn't screaming anymore.

Krystina marched into the basement and demand Riley show himself. He practically ran out of the shadows, demanding to know what happened. He went to shake Krystina's shoulders to emphasise his worry but just went straight through her to his annoyance.

"Mark's dead and Lora is apparently the killer," Krystina wasted no time in saying.

"There's no way Lora would ever kill someone!" Riley shouted.

"Besides that obvious fact, she's hasn't been out of our sight. I reckon it was Rosetta's blog."

"Lora put his name on it? Why would she do that? He may be an asshole but I don't think she'd want anyone to die."

"Lora was really upset about your death. Mark wasn't exactly letting her cope with it. She was pissed, that's all. I'm not sure she entirely knew what she was doing."

"So what's Lora doing now?"

"Probably sitting in jail cell."

Riley didn't even respond. He walked, or rather floated, up the stairs. Krystina run up just in time to see Riley disappear through a wall and end up outside.

"Melody, we have a problem!"

When Lora arrived at the police station, Dante took her into one of those rooms that had the big glass mirror that obviously had people behind it watching her.

"Stay here, there will be someone in here to see you shortly," Dante said before leaving her there, still handcuffed.

Not long after being left there, the door opened and shut again. The person who walked in front of her had a familiar face.

"Lora Campbell?" she said.

"Tiana Phillips," Lora responded.

Tiana seemed to flinch at the recognition.

"Uh, yeah. So, I need to ask you-"

"How'd they let you keep doing your job?"

"Not that it's any of your business but I have no connection to the missing man and my court case is already over and done with. I'm not guilty for whatever the hell happened."

"You do know him."

Tiana sighed and rolled her eyes, hoisting herself up on the table in front of Lora to sit on it.

"No, I do not."

"Yeah, you do. Or was I seeing things when I saw you complain about a certain Alan Morris on Tumblr?"

Tiana's face went from bored to worried in an instant. She had been thinking it was her fault Alan was missing from writing on the blog but she had convinced herself it was a coincidence.

"I didn't do it," Tiana whispered fiercely.

"I'm not saying you did. I'm just saying you set it in motion."

Tiana's hand came flying across Lora's face. A second later, Dante reappeared to remove Tiana from the room.

"That was uncalled for," he said sternly before ordering her out. He looked down at Lora who hadn't moved and had a tired expression on her face.

"I didn't do it," Lora said calmly, unlike Tiana had said a few moments ago.

Dante said nothing and left the room.

After a few seconds of sitting there staring at her hands, she starting to hear a cracking noise. She looked up at the source of the noise and saw the lens of the camera on the wall shatter. She started to notice the change in temperature and blew on her hands to get feeling back into them. It was becoming cold way too fast. The mirror started to freeze over. If there really were people on the other side, they probably wouldn't have been able to see her through the frost.

Lora stood up and ran to the door but the doorknob was ice cold and too slippery to grasp. She started to kick the door and yell for help but no one answered. After a few more kicks, the door suddenly flew inwards and Lora flew back into the table. Someone else had kicked the door in then quickly shut it behind them. It wasn't a familiar face.

"So you're Lora?" the girl with glowing purple eyes asked with a smirk.

Lora said nothing. She stood up and went to run at the girl but her feet were frozen in place. She tried to pull her feet out even though she knew it would be pointless. She just didn't want to admit defeat.

"Who the hell are you?" Lora asked angrily, getting pissed at her predicament.

The girl waved her finger in the air and a few snowflakes appeared then fell to the ground, "I thought Krystina would've mentioned me to you?"

Lora stopped struggling, glared at the girl then spat, "You bitch. What the fuck did you do to her face?!"

"Oh, that wasn't me. But I'm glad to know you know who I am."

Iris was giggling like a maniac.

"Don't mind her," came another voice behind Lora.

She went to turn her head but it was held in place by the hand belonging to the person behind her.

"Really? You're killing again?" Iris questioned.

"Deal with it. I never thought I'd hear you complaining about this one dying after you so eagerly watched her brother freeze to death."

Iris' eyes suddenly stopped glowing and faded to brown. Her mouth hung open in shock and she wasn't moving a muscle. Lora was less statuesque.

"You fucking whore!" Lora screamed and thrust her hands forward to try and claw off Iris' face.

"Now look what you've down," the person said who was holding Lora's head.

Iris grabbed Lora's hand who proceeded into digging her nails as hard as she could into Iris' hands. Iris didn't even flinch. Lora was crying and screaming profanities, thrashing her legs furiously trying to pull them out of the ice. Iris' hands were now bleeding but she didn't care.

"Great. I finally get you out of your goody-two-shoes mindset and now she snaps you back into it. Why do you mortals have to be so freaking noble?"

Iris could see them raise their other arm with sharpened claw like nails about to deliver the killing blow to Lora but Iris wasn't having it. As the arm came down, Iris kicked it back up with a sickening crack then smashed the ice keeping Lora in place with her foot.

Her 'master' was screaming at Iris about how she was an idiot but Iris wasn't listening. She used her power of ice to smash a hole open in the roof. Iris didn't like using her gift but she had no choice. Cringing at that fact, she let her wings appear and flew as fast as she could out of the whole in the roof. She had to pull her hands out of Lora's grasp and wrap her arms around her so she didn't fall. Lora was now struggling and trying to punch, kick or do whatever she could to hurt Iris. But Iris couldn't deal with sister issues right now because her 'master' was now flying after her.

A few police officers had run out of the building trying to find the source of the disruption as Iris looked around frantically for a place to drop Lora off at. She caught sight of Krystina chasing after a frantic girl and the boy who her 'master' killed a while ago. It was her only choice. Her 'master' wouldn't kill Krystina and Krystina would do everything in her power to protect her friends. At least, that was the impression Iris got from her.

She flew a bit lower so she was certain she was seen by Krystina then flew into some high bushes near the footpath. While hoping no one else but the people she wanted to had seen her, Iris pried Lora off her. Well, tried to at least.

"No way in hell am I letting you get away," Lora said angrily, grabbing at Iris' throat.

Krystina had reached Iris but so had Iris' 'master.' But instead of looking pissed off, they looked amused. They had a big smile on their face.

The other two had caught up with Krystina just as Iris finally got away from Lora.

"I think you guys should run," Iris said hurriedly.

As Krystina grabbed Lora, her uncovered eye flashed a few different colours before settling on a bright blue, brighter than her normal blue eye colour. Iris looked up to see them smirking insanely. Iris wanted to punch them but it was too late, they'd already disappeared.

Lora was still clawing at Iris while Melody and Riley were trying to figure out why Krystina looked frozen. Iris pulled her arms away quickly from Lora who tore off some skin. She fell back on her behind and as she went to get up again to leave, she saw Krystina do what she was hoping she'd be strong enough to fight against.

None of her friends saw it coming. The arm not holding Lora's shoulder lifted into the air. Her nails grew long and sharp and in and instant, she had plunged her clawed hand into Lora's chest.

Lora's eyes were frozen in disbelief, staring at Krystina's hand. Riley had gone to pull her away, forgetting once again that he was a ghost. Melody was the one who took on the gruesome task of pulling one friend's arm out of another friend's chest. Lora was barely breathing and Krystina still looked possessed.

"Quick, go into Lora's body," Melody blurted out in a hurry to Riley.

"Excuse me?!" he replied, confused.

"Just do it!"

Riley wasn't arguing with a flustered Melody. He began to lie down exactly where Lora was and looked as if he was merging with her body. Well, more disappearing into it.

Lora suddenly took in a large breath of air and sat up quickly, but when she spoke, it sounded like a combination of herself and Riley.

"Hang on, what happened? What did you make me do?" said Riley who was now in control of Lora.

"Ghosts can possess people. No time to elaborate, just run back to the house and hide in the basement. You'll still be able to run through walls so keep that in mind," Melody ordered then Riley/Lora was off.

Melody looked over at Krystina who had a hand over the bandaged side of her face while the other side was cringing in pain. Melody knew something supernatural was up. There was no way it could be normal. A girl with wings behind Krystina just helped proved her assumption.

Melody rolled her eyes and put a hand out for Krystina.

"Lora's gonna be pissed, so is Riley… but you're still my friend. Now hurry up," she said.

Krystina looked behind her at Iris, wings still displayed. The girl shrugged and stood up, looking away from the two.

"I'd hurry up and leave if I were you. The cops are coming," she said blatantly.

Krystina took Melody's hand who hauled her up then continued on after Riley/Lora.

Iris just stood there with her wings spread, almost welcoming the police. At least, it was one in particular she was waiting to greet. Although, she wasn't exactly part of the police.

"Hello Daphne. Long-time no see," she said with a smile.

The usually calm and collected Daphne nearly fell over when she her old smiling friend.