As I sat on the ground I realized I was in a dream. No sound, random memories combined together to form a movie that made no sense. I was confused but not for long as a sudden shake woke me from sleep. My cousin was standing next to me telling me to get ready, and to dress warm. I was in a cabin miles away from anyone else on a hunting trip in the mountains. I put on layer after layer as I knew that a hellish snowstorm was raging outside in the dark of the night. It was 3 in the morning: why I was here I wasn't actually sure.

I walked through an open field barely seeing the shape of my cousin five yards in front of me heading towards the tree line. I had to keep going. I had to. As I walked further, the cold started to seep in, first my face, next my fingers and toes. My feet stumble through the three foot of snow as I find my way to my tree stand. As I climb I pray that my feet do not slip for they were almost completely numb. I tied my safety harness to the tree and sat down shrouded in the darkness fifteen feet above the ground.

Not a football field away was my cousin in his; however, I felt as if we were miles away, lost but not forgotten. Drowsy from the little sleep I had I sat and waited. The storm died down as I sat watching the trees and ground below me. The sun had started to come up and color, what there was of it, the forest around me. I sat in what felt like a theatre seat watching what was left of the forest come to life like a movie around me. The squirrels coming out of their homes, the fox searching for mice, and the various assortments of other animals looking for what food there was left after a raging storm had decimated almost every scrap of life I could see.

All I could hear was the wind blowing in the distance and the faint steps of an animal, probably a squirrel, searching, and searching. Sleep keeps calling me as I fight to stay awake knowing that Id miss my opportunity for that perfect game to walk into my line of sight. Sleep is persistent, and I finally give in to its demands. As I sit there I dream of what this place looks like in the spring, vibrant, full of life and color and the song of birds. Snap! I jolt awake as I hear what might be the perfect game make the mistake of stepping on a fallen branch. I see him, tremendous antlers that would make him a king if they were a crown.

I raise my rifle and find him in my sights and I just sit there. Watching as he looks right at me as if he knew what was to happen. Suddenly I find myself slipping the rifle back on its hook and looking back at him. Wondering what it was to be such a magnificent animal in a kingdom such as his. Roaming wherever he please. As I watched such a creature walking through the snow covered kingdom, he truly is magnificent. He truly is a king.