"And for the aforementioned reasons, I sentence High Genie Alsa Heirlé to life imprisonment."

Lé rattled his chains, hurling a long string of insults, each one more outrageous than the previous (Pathetic wimps! Spineless motherfuckers! Regurgitated shits of slug!) at anyone who could hear him, meaning, the whole Court. He would have kept going, but Yellie yanked back on his chains, cutting off his air. "Still as creative as ever, I see," she whispered in his ear. Lé bared his teeth at her like fangs, but the shackles prevented him from wringing her neck like he wanted to. She laughed, letting him go. "Have fun, High Genie."

And Lé felt himself being sucked into the dark green bottle she was holding, as if it were a vacuum cleaner and he a mere speck of dust.