Summary: She was the girl that was impeccably shy. He was the guy that every girl desired. He thought she hated him because she never spoke. She thought she never stood a chance, but to him she was amazing. One-shot.

a/n: this story was actually a challenge for me because I am not shy, so I had to portray the character as the exact opposite as what I am. It's difficult, especially since I kept wanting her to shout or say something sarcastic (haha) anyways, happy reading!

P.s. Again, Merboy's epilouge will be up soon. I'm sorry I'm taking so long, but I re-read through it and I couldn't help but want to edit some things. I'm never satisfied (lol).

Oh, and I don't own Cold Stones, Degrassi, or whatever else I might mention.

"Just talk to him already."

I whirled on my best friend.

Was she crazy? I couldn't do that! That would be like throwing yourself in a cage with a wild animal and tossing out the key. Only worse.

"I want to live Terra," I hissed and the Peurto Rican girl rolled her eyes at me.

We were currently in the mall food court, enjoying some Cold Stones ice-cream at a small table beneath a palm-tree. Why there was even a tree indoors was beyond me, but it was providing some pretty good cover for my… investigation.

"T.J. he's a boy, not a monster," she continued. Her spoon was jerking around as she spoke and some rocky-road splattered on the table, not that she cared, "It's about time you gave up this immature pre-teen stalking, and grow a pair and approach him."

I wrinkled my nose, offended.

"It's not stalking." I huffed, shoving some ice-cream in my mouth. Mmm..strawberry, "It's watching; from afar."

She rolled her eyes again and I found myself hoping they'd get stuck like that. That'll teach her.

"Fine," she agreed, only I knew she just did it to get me to shut-up, "Whatever you're doing, it's creepy."

" I am not," I denied.

"Are," she retorted, brown eyes narrowed.

Oh. So she wanted to play hard-ball did she?

I mirrored her expression, leaning across the table and giving her a hard look.

"Are not."

"Are too."






"Hey Terra."

I stilled. Whoever had spoken had the most amazing voice in the world. It had the hint of an accent, but that served to only make it more sexy. I could already feel myself blushing.

God, I'm pathetic.

Terra met my gaze pointedly, giving an obvious wink and I frowned. Was she hitting on me?

"Hey Ryan," she greeted back and I could only gape when the boy stepped from behind me to envelope her in a tight hug. It was him. The guy I've been coming to the mall to oogle for the past two weeks. Terra knew him this entire time?

How embarrassing.

He probably liked her too, judging by the warm smile he was giving. Not that I could blame him. Terra was an exotic Spanish beauty, while I was just your average, everyday black girl. Not ugly. Not pretty. Just there.

Definitely no Halle Berry or Meagan Good.

I started gathering my belongings as discretely as possible. There was no way I would let them see me breakdown here. I am strong. I am fierce. I am…

About to cry.

I had stood and was shouldering my purse when Cute Guy noticed my escape attempt. He pulled away from my best friend, frowning at me.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, "Was I interrupting?"

My tongue stuck in my throat. Damn. And he was polite too.


Yeah, real intelligent T.J. You should run for president.

"No," Terra answered for me, "T.J. just has the tendency to stand randomly, she should be sitting back down right about now."

I got the hint and reluctantly slumped back into my chair.

Worst day ever.

"Cool name," Ryan said and I could practically feel myself melting when his green eyes met mine, "What does it stand for?"

Again, I couldn't find the strength to speak.

Why God? Why couldn't I just say something? Anything!

Terra shot me a weird look from across the table that clearly read, 'what's wrong with you?' and I shot her a helpless one of my own. She knew how I was. This was torture.

"It stands for Taylor Jean," Terra answered, "She was named after her grandma."

Cute Guy grinned and I resisted the urge to fan myself. Was it even legal to be that good-looking? He held a hand out to me and I stared at it, noticing a scar where his thumb and index finger met.

"I'm Ryan, " he drawled, and his gaze was so captivating I could do little to resist, "Terra's cousin, it's nice to meet you Taylor."

Cousin? So does that mean he's not taken?

I took his hand hesitantly, face burning as I watched him bring it to his mouth and deliver a soft caress from his full lips.

Oh my god, did that really just happen?

Terra was smirking at me from across the table and suddenly it was all too much. I had never been the type of girl that guys like Ryan went after. I was just the normal chick they wanted to chill with every once in a while because I was so 'nice.' Never date.

This had to be a trick, or prank, or something.

I snatched my hand back so fast I was sure my wrist popped. Ryan was looking at me with an expression akin to confusion while Terra just looked plain exasperated.

I had to get out of here.

So I ran.

"This is Taylor, I'm obviously not here so please leave a message at the tone."


"You know who this is T.J. You've been avoiding me for days now, and if you don't call me back in the next thirty minutes I'm giving Ryan you're number. Tata!"



"It's me," I muttered.

Silence before,

"Okay cool. He should be calling you in another ten minutes or so."




"Terra!" I hissed. How could she do this to me? "You said if I don't call you back in thirty minutes, it's only been fifteen."

I could almost imagine her indifferent expression as she painted her nails, or whatever else she did in her free time.

"Yeah, well I lied," she quipped, "And you better answer, he seems to really be into you. I mean seriously, he wouldn't shut up about how utterly amazing you are. I had to practically kick him out my house."

Was this some kind of sick, twisted joke?

"He can't be," I protested,"It's weird."

My best friend snorted.

"Weird?" she echoed, "Girl you are one hot peice of ass. Did you think I would let my cousin date just anybody? My family name is at stake!"

I groaned, running a hand through my messy hair.

"Terra I can't do this!"

There was a puff of air and I knew she was upset with me.

"T.J. stop it," she snapped and I was surprised at her angry tremor. Was she really that pissed at me? "You deserve to be happy, so just take a chance okay? I'm tired of seeing you moping about, you derserve someone who will appreciate you, and trust me, Ryan will. You're amazing."

Well when you put it that way...


She giggled.

"You'll thank me one day for this."

I was a nervous wreck.

What am I going to do? Terra will kill me!

Ryan had called...

And I had hung up.

But I can explain! Really.

I had picked up the phone determined to speak to him, but as soon as I heard his voice I panicked. It was so warm and alluring and I couldn't help but get intimidated. What would my voice sound like to him? Probably not very attractive.

I groaned.

I'm doomed to be forever alone.

"Taylor will you walk Noodle please?"

I cursed my mother internally as said dog tugged furiously on his lease. Stupid animal. I didn't even like dogs yet I was stuck walking The Beast every afternoon.

I wonder if I would get in trouble if he 'accidentaly' escaped.

Most likely.

Noodle jerked to the left and I had little choice but to be dragged by the boorish creature. Hopefully he'll get tired soon and we could go home. But knowing Noodle, that won't be for a long while.

I hadn't seen Terra in a few days. I made sure of it since I hung up on her cousin. God, she must be irritated with me. And I knew it would be at least a couple days more before she'd be ready to talk to me again.

So until then-

Noodle's lease yanked from my grasp and I gasped as he took off sprinting across the street.


Grumbling under my breath, I charged after him. If he got hit by a car Mom would undoubtedly blame me. And Dad would probably cry. I had no idea why they were so attatched to that dumb dog, but I knew that if I didn't return him home in one peice I was in hot water.

"Noodle heel!" I shouted. Not that it mattered since he got kicked out of obedience school. Something about trying to get it on with the trainer. Yes, my dog is very horny. Another reason I hated walking him; he tried to hump everything.

Noodle darted around the corner, and by the time I reached him I was puffing like a steam train. What the hell?

Sure enough he just wanted to get his mack on, and was harassing some small, brown dog that was no doubt female.

I groaned. Now I had to apologize to the dog's owner for my dog molesting theirs.

Never fun.

"Sorry," I started with a sheepish smile, only to stop when I caught a glimpse of the owner.



Shamefully, I raised my head and was amazed when his face broke out into a grin. Wasn't he supposed to be pissed at me? I hung up in his face!

"It's nice to see you again."

I cringed.

Why was he acting so...happy?

I stared at my feet and could feel him frowning. He was probably realizing just how ordinary I was.

"Am I bothering you?"


I glanced up to see his green eyes etched with hurt, shoulders slumped as he gazed at me. He almost looked like Noodle when I won't let him in my room, only way more adorable.

"I mean, you never say a word to me, " he continued, "And I'm really into you, but if you find me annoying I won't bother you anymore."

My heart pounded.

He thought I was annoyed?

Well you were sort of giving that impressions T.J., never speaking to the guy and all.

I wanted to ease his worries, and let him know I was just as in to him as he was me, but I was scared. And so, so nervous. What if this was all a set-up? Would a bunch of cute guys jump out of the bushes and laugh at me?

I didn't have the courage to take that risk.

And again I found myself running.

I was miserable.

How could I leave him hanging like that?

He for sure hated me. Not that I could blame him, I acted like a total bitch.

At least I had strawberry ice-cream and Degrassi to keep me company. My life was a cake-walk compared to theirs.

"Open up T.J.!"

The pounding on the front door made me flinch.

No. Anyone but her.

"Taylor's out!" I shouted, immitating my mother's squirrely voice perfectly.

She didn't buy it.

"Okay Mrs. Nicole, I'll just wait here fo her to get back."


I set my ice-cream aside, padding catiously to the door and peering through the peep-hole. Terra was on the porch with her arms crossed, black hair swirling around her face and an impatient frown on her lips. Crap.

Might as well get it over with.

I slung the door open and my best fried stepped inside without a glance in my direction. She obviously knew it was me all along.

"Sup T.J." she greeted and my wariness grew. Why was she being so casual? She spotted my ice-cream then, helping herself to some as she sprawled across my couch. I sat on the chair next to it, watching with mild irriation as she devoured my food.

"Was there something you needed?" I probed. Seriously, she was starting to creep me out. She should have been yelling in Spanglish by now, yet she remained perfectly calm, eating ice-cream and watching TV on my sofa like nothing had happened.

Maybe she didn't know yet?

Highly unlikely.

But then what other reason was there?

"There is no reason," Terra sniffed and I got the impression she was offended, "I just wanted to spend time with my best friend, is that allowed?"

"Sure.." I answered slowly.

She was definitely up to something.

"It's just going to be a small gathering for the immediate family, Ryan won't be there."

I cut my eyes at her.

"If it's just a small gathering, then why do I have to dress up?" I demanded.

A week had passed since Terra came to my house and the feeling of unease still hadn't left. I knew she was plotting something, but she was just acting so normal. I was starting to think I was imagining it all.

Of course that's what she probably wants me to think.

She was manipulative like that.

"Because I want my best-friend to look just as amazing as I know she is," she answered neutrally before tossing a blue blouse at me, "Now glam up already, we leave in twenty."

I still didn't trust her, but got dressed anyway.

I knew I shouldn't have trusted her.

The sneaky girl had shoved me in a closet as soon as we reached her house!

I jiggled the knob to no avail. I was stuck.

Ooh when I get my hands on her she's going to regret ever forcing me to come!

I began pounding on the door, but soon got tired of that as no one could hear me anyways over the booming music downstairs. I groaned, sliding down the length of the door to cradle my face in my hands.

This sucks.

There was a click from the outside and I sprang to my feet, expecting to see Terra's laughing face. I was going to give that girl a good chewing out. Only it wasn't just Terra. Ryan was beside her, looking bewildered as she shoved him forwards and slammed the door behind him.

Oh my God, no.

His eyes met mine instantly, and I backed away as far as the tiny closet would allow. Which wasn't very far considering if I reached out I could lay my hand flat against his chest.

"Taylor," he breathed and I squirmed under his intense eyes.

I should apologize.

I knew I should for the way I'd been treating him, but the words wouldn't form and I was stuck just watching anxiously as he reached for me, fingers hovering just over the skin of my cheek. When they made contact I jumped, and he withdrew with a look of pain.

Great, I did it again.

Why couldn't I just tell him how I feel? I was such a coward.

"You hate me don't you?"

The question had thrown me so bad I met his gaze, and was crushed at the expression I found there. He was hurting. I was the one causing him to feel this way. Because I was so afraid of taking a risk.

I clapsed my hands together, trying to force the words to roll off my tongue, yet no sound came. Why was I so scared anyway?

"I see you around town a lot," he continued, oblivious to my inner struggle. There was a fond smile on his lips and I could only stare at how perfect it looked on his face, "You're always volenteering and helping others. You even helped me once, not that you probably remember it was a while ago."

I frowned.

I had helped him? When?

His smile stretched as he noticed my furrowed brows.

"It was two years ago," he explained, "My family and I were going through rough times and we had to collect food from the food drive you were working at. You didn't judge us or take pity, just smiled and provided us with what we needed. I was so relieved there was someone out there that wouldn't look down on me, but treat me like a regular person."

He closed in on me then, trapping me with an arm on either side of my head as his green eyes bored into my brown ones.

"Your kindness had meant so much to me then, and when I found out you were friends with Terra I was overjoyed. I wanted to make you just as happy as you made me that day but..."

He trailed off, averting his eyes to the wall behind me. His smile was gone, all that was left behind was sadness.

"But I can't seem to ever make you smile, yet alone even talk to me. I should have known you wouldn't be into a normal guy like me. It must have been irritating for me to always be bothering you."

My heart pounded.

That was the last straw.

I opened my mouth, and poured every last ounce of engery I possessed into pushing something out. Anything that would erase the sadness covering his handsome features.


That one word had taken so much effort out of me, but was worth it to see the somber look drop from his eyes.

"No?" he repeated.

I smiled, watching as his lips slowly mirrored my own.


And then I kissed him.

His arms fell from the wall to wrap around my waist, pulling me flush against his chest as he deepened the kiss, licking his way past my lips to gently stroke my tongue. I flooded everything I wanted to say into that kiss. All the things I knew I couldn't out loud, and he understood. He understood every vowel, word, and sentence as his lips met mine again and again in passionate strokes, caresses, and nips.

"You're amazing," he mummured against my mouth.

And for once, I believed it.

"So...are we ever going to discuss you and my cousin making out in the closet for like an eternity?"

I threw a pillow at my best friend's face.