Prologue: How it Came to Be

It was the end of the world. No seriously, it was. I was being led by the hand to a place called 'Sleep Chambers.' Being seven, it was really hard to understand what that meant. would this be bedtime? Right now it's bedtime, right when meteors are falling to the sky and there's a nuclear bomb about to hit the area? I didn't get it, why was everyone running? My mom even seemed scared. My mother finally picked me up and ran even faster towards the metal underground chamber. The grass was charred, it looked like the hardened grease on the stove, except this was more crunchy, and it sounded like something was being chewed on, like a cracker. When my mother reached the tunnel, she didn't hesitate. She just ran and ran, on and on through the tunnel. The clack-clack of her shoes echoed through the tunnel, never being answered. I focused more on the lonely echo of my mother's shoes than the screams of people outside the tunnel. I never looked back, hoping I wouldn't have to see all that red goey stuff, I think it was called blood, and the burning houses. That's when I saw a bit of blood in the tunnels, and I clung tighter to my mother. I felt a weird shaking feeling in my chest, and I whimpered a bit. My mother's chest was rising and falling, and she turned through the looping corners until we stopped at a silver door. She huffed and huffed, and I turned around once I heard this weird growling noise that sounded like a humming growl, like when our washing machine starts. My mother's eyes went wide and she picked me up again and rammed into the door. It didn't budge. She rammed again and again. It finally busted and she smiled in relief. It didn't last long when I heard a screech that made me squeeze my eyes shut and cover my ears. I heard my mom say with a wheezing voice.
"Don't worry Marley, we're almost there sweetie." I let out a squeak to know I was listening and she ran faster again. We passed all these doors with people's heads in them, seemingly floating in the light blue liquid. She went to the last pod available, Pod No. 83. She put me down and placed her hands firmly on my shoulders, her brown eyes filled with fear and unease.
"Marley, this is where you'll sleep for a while, okay?"
I nod my head, my shiny black hair bobbing wildly. She smiled, tears forming in her eyes.
"When you wake up again, come find me, alright? I'll wait for you, you know I will. Right?"
I nod again, still oblivious to the full outlook of this situation. She wipes a tear from her eye.
"I love you, Marley. Now be a good girl and go to sleep now." She picked me up and set me into the pod. She closed the door and punched in some button on the pod door. Tears started to fall from her pretty face. I didn't know why. I heard that same roar again, but fainter. She nodded her head and I felt something warm and liquid-y fill the pod. Then it hit me, and I knew what had been happening this entire time, and I started to shake and hit the pod door with my tiny little hand. I take one last look at my mom's blonde hair as it flew past my pod, and out the door. The last thing I heard was the clang of the door before I completely lost consiousness.