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Rachel POV

Even before she got another formula equation lecture from Mr Crosby, Rachel was having a terrible day. She'd woken up late, forgotten all her bags and books, had a massive fallout with her friend Trisha, been spat on by Derek and to top it all off, her best friend was on holiday for a week starting today. If she had to think of anything good that had happened that day it would have been that thanks to a new boy's arrival, the focus wasn't on her at the moment. Not that that would last, soon enough it'd be back to her. She looked up in time to see that the new boy had been staring at her. He was called Jack or was it Jake? She couldn't remember but he had chestnut brown hair which shimmered whenever he moved his head and he had deep hazel eyes. His skin was tanned and firm so she could tell that he worked out regularly. Now she thought about it though, he was kind of cute in a unique way of his. He turned around to look at her again and when he saw that she was looking right back he spun round quickly, a little too quickly as his chair toppled over and he sprawled on the floor. Mr Crosby turned around from writing questions on the board to glare at him. He quickly got up and sat down again, even from the back of the class she could practically see that he was blushing. The end of school bell went and half the class immediately stood up, grabbed their bags and books and bailed out of the class to avoid the homework he'd more than likely set them. Sure enough for those who weren't fast enough to get out in time, he said "These 5 questions are to be completed before next lesson which is tomorrow I believe." A groan chorused through the remaining people as they started writing down the questions. Rachel had nothing to write on though so she tried to find a clear area on her arm which hadn't been written on. She had had to write a history assignment, drama script and an overdraft on her arms but she found a part near the top to write on so she writ on that. She pulled her cardigan on and then stood up to leave. Jake (or was it Jack) stood up at the same time and picked up his bags and books. As she worked her way towards the door he followed her and when she was outside he blocked her path out. He awkwardly stood there as a million thoughts seemed to be working their way through his head, she was about to sidestep him and walk on when he shoved out his hand and plastered a wide grin on his face.

"Hi, I'm Jack," Rachel looked at the hand suspiciously, deciding on what trick he was going to play but he seemed genuine so she took it and shook it lightly,

"Um, I'm Rachel," his eyes lit up and looked like a little kid on Christmas who'd just gotten that once in a lifetime gift.

"Great! I'm new here as you probably know, um, but I was wondering as you're in all my lessons, if you could help me get used to this school. This is going really bad isn't it?" she was stunned for a moment and speechless, this childish but cute guy was asking her to show him around, nobody had ever done that before. Mainly because of everybody knowing she was different. You see, Rachel had an ability to control people with her eyes and she can make people do her bidding by just talking to them in a certain tone. She didn't like it but she had it so she had to make do by just not using it much. People knew about this so was scared of coming close to her in case she turned on them although she'd never do that. So here she was, with somebody who didn't know about her powers, (or he might but didn't care). She couldn't just ignore this opportunity although she doubted that it would last very long. With her record of friendships, the longest ones had been with Trish who had until now lasted 10 months and her best friend Olivia which had been since childhood. With Trish hating her and Olivia out of town maybe she should give it a shot. She looked up into his expectant face and smiled slightly,

"Sure, if that'd help you," her smile grew bigger and before she knew it they were both laughing. As people walked past them they were giving the most disturbing glances but neither of them cared.

"We should probably start heading home now. Where do you live?" Rachel managed to say once she'd calmed down.

"Brown Street, number 28 I think,"

"No way! I live at number 30. You must be the new neighbours then!" she started to walk past him and signalled for him to walk beside her. They reached the doors before Jack stopped.

"Um, is it true that you can…you know…" he looked slightly embarrassed and a slight pink arose in his cheeks.

"That I have abilities, yes, if it's anything else then no,"

"So you can control…people,"

"Yes, unfortunately and it's alright to want to avoid me now, everybody else does in case you haven't noticed," she sighed and looked down at the ground, after waiting for a reply but getting none, she went out of the doors and walked straight out of school without looking back. Tears started to flood her eyes, but why was she crying? This always happened to her, it's the reason she can't have a proper life at all. Her mother calls it jealousy but I call it being careful, the thoughts were swirling round her mind so much that she failed to remember the threat posed to her outside of school or home, the threat of the otherkind. People with no powers themselves, so they made it their life-long ambition to take people like her out of the world. They're sick minded people. They'd killed her Dad; almost killed her mum and now they were after her. She turned the corner to her street and someone grabbed her wrist to spin her round, before she could see who it was they rammed her up against the wall and covered her eyes and mouth with grimy hands. She struggled desperately but she could tell that there was more than one holding her there. Screaming seemed to be the only option left to get help, but her screams were muffled and then cut off when a hand struck her throat. She just hung there limply as a cold knifepoint travelled its way down her hip, piercing the skin slightly as it went, it didn't hurt but it was uncomfortable. The feeling of it travelling down, down, down… It stopped, to be replaced by a slimy hand that was slowly working its way up under her shirt, she screamed again but yet another hand started strangling her. She gasped desperately for air as it travelled higher and higher, exposing more of her body to the harsh, cold air. A low laugh echoed through what she thought to be 5 men. What sneaky snatches of light she saw through the hands, started to fade as her sight dimmed. Why couldn't she have had the ability of better lungs? She was starting to blackout when she heard a familiar voice, "Hey you guys, why you don't try picking on somebody your own size, I'll never know" then her consciousness faded as she dropped to the floor.

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