Dear Shadow

Good morning again, dear shadow;

Who said you could return?

Well I suppose in all my ignorance,

I forgot to ever learn…

That you come around every time

I neglect to check the clock,

And ignore its internal movements –

That inevitable tick-tick – tock.


They said to me, dear shadow,

That you were watching me again –

Following in my footsteps,

To uncover my deception den.

But I'm comfortable hiding here,

In the ebony dripping cold;

Don't coax me out of the grey

And into the open – bright and bold.


I can't seem to shake you, dear shadow;

You're in my eyes, my soul, my heart.

You creep in without knocking,

Silent as smoke, quick as a dart.


You're like the coming of autumn, dear shadow:

The burnt warmth that signals ice.

At your command I flutter and fall –

You're my paradox, my virtuous vice.

I'd love to know your thoughts.

Eleantris. :)