Her long, blonde hair flows. This girl is a suffragist.

At least, she wants to be. Her father won't alow it.

Her mother's totally against it.

So what does she do?

She protests anyway.

What happens?

She get's banished.


Because her parents are the Duke and the Duchess.

Where does she go?

Wait and see.

Who said you couldn't be you?




Persophone: Mother of Maria, the Duchess of England. Very strict and unkind, looks down on peasants. Is always at parties. Always has fun. Looks young for her age. 36.

Gale: Father of Maria, Duke of England. Not as strict as Persophone, but he does look down on peasants. Is always trying to have fun and still care for his children. Looks young for his age. 37.

Rose: Maria's sister and toddler. She is a cute little girl, but don't be fooled. She is a handful and tries to blame it on Maria. Doesn't work most of the time. 4.

Drake: Maria's brother, is older than her. Already learning to be a Duke, he takes care of his 2 sisters and lone brother. He is always good and never get's in trouble. 16.


Jason: Maria's younger brother. Is always getting in trouble and pranking people. Is the best artist in the family, Maria being the 2nd. He is always trying to prove himself to everyone. 13.


Sanria: Maria's best friend. She is a peasant, and doesn't care of what other people think. She is smart and a good person. 14.


: Maria's teacher. Very... Different.

Maria: The main character, is a spirited girl who wants to be a suffragist. She wants to be like everyone else, and once went into a plantation and worked with the slaves for a few hours. She has a big heart and is extremely courius. 14.


Chapter 1, Persephone Doesn't Get Maria, Does She?

It all started when Maria walked to her friend Sanria's house. She couldn't have been gone for long. She stayed for 10 minutes, and it was only 4 minutes to walk to-and-from her house. It only took 14 minutes. Why was Persephone and Gale so mad? Maria didn't even get supper. She ran to her room after the thorough scolding (Which took WAY longer than when she was gone) and thought. She ran back downstairs and looked at her mom. Stared, bore holes into her with those cold grey/green eyes. "Maria, what is it you want?!" Her mother, Persophone, said. Rose ran in and watched. Drake came in and surveyed the eyes, staring at each other. The cold grey/green matching the light blue. Jason walked in and looked straight into Drake's eyes. 'Uh-oh.' They thought. Looking back at them, Drake and Jason didn't see their father, Gale, come in and pick up Rose. "Mother, I would like to ask you something." Maria said, knowing full well she was probably going to say no. What did Persophone say again? 'Suffragists are unlady-like and are-' what? Was it something cruel? Did she even finish her sentence that day? Maria couldn't remember. It seemed like ages ago her mother was there for her. Could it be... She imagined it? She sure hoped that wasn't it. "Yes Maria, ask me the question." Her mother answered, after some hesitation. "Mother could I-" She stopped. Was she going to ruin this. Maria knew if she asked her mother, she might be able to. But her father was in the room... Maria looked at the audience. Her whole family was there, watching them. "Yes Maria, speak up!" Persophone commanded. "Mother, could I become a suffragist?!" Maria yell/asked. A stunned silence followed. "Absolutely NOT! I forbid you to speak of that nonsence! Go to your room this instant." Her father shouted. Drake and Jason jumped out of their skin, not knowing Gale was in the room. "Mother?" Maria asked, her hope dwindling. "No, Maria. I hate those...FOOLS! And you becoming one would be the worst thing you could do, ever. Go upstairs, Maria." She ran upstairs and collapsed on the bed. She cried her guts out, and fell asleep.

"Maria!" Her teacher, , yelled, trying to wake the girl. "There you go again! Stop falling asleep in my classes!" She cried, desperately shaking Maria. " !" Maria said, tears falling from her eyes. It was weird. She thought she fell asleep in her room... Not this again. Why does she keep transporting from one place to another?

"Another transport?" Ms. Jackel asked. Maria nodded. "Well... All children, get your hats! We're getting some fresh air." Jackel said, and ushered everyone out. "Thank you Ms. Jackel." Maria said, and they all walked out into the fresh air.