A/N: A piece I wrote in 6th grade, describing how I felt when I went to school everyday.

How can you look at me

And ask, with fake tears in your eyes.

"What's making you cry?"

I can't stand your lies, you cheat

I see through your disguise.

Just don't try

To be innocent

When you're the one

Who caused this pain.

I lie in bed and think at night

See you laughing in my mind's eye.

Sitting across - Just two feet's length

talking like I don't exist.

About the way I walk

And the way you think I live.

I close my eyes

Clench my hands tight.

Block you out

But hear you fine.

Your words are ringing

In my ears

Did you just call me

A terrorist?

Don't you try

To be innocent.

I look up and pray for myself

Always dreading the next day

I wish it would just end

All of it, today.

I know I'm not alone.

I'm told so everyday

But it sure feels that way.

It sure feels that way.