Chapter 4:

That night I sat on my bed, wondering about the strangeness of the previous day. Since when do I talk to people? Since when do people talk to me? Okay, Chelsea I could understand, today I sat next to her at lunch, and it seemed like she wasn't high of the popularity scale either.

I had been scanning the room for any sign of an empty table, but to my dismay, all the other loners had snagged them. So I just stood there like a moron for three minutes,trying to decide if I should sit next to the dopey girl with glasses or the timid girl with hair curtailing her eyes, when someone grabbed my arm and started dragging me across the room, and before I could protest, I was plopped down into a seat. Chelsea slid into the bench across from me, and took a giant gulp of milk from her carton, and then smirked at me, unaware that purple lipstick stuck against the edge of the school-lunch carton.

"Well?"she asked me. I gave her a confused look and didn't utter a word.

"Aren't you going to thank me?"Chelsea questioned.

"For what?"I said, having no clue what on earth she was talking about.

"For letting you sit here, aka, saving you from sitting next to freaks?"she rolled her eyes like it was obvious.

"Oh. Sure."I mumbled, unpacking my sandwich and taking tiny bites, staring at the floor.

"So,"Chelsea took a huge bite if her hamburger."How was Rick Finnegan?"

I almost fell out of my seat, and she just laughed. I glared at her, and she put her head in her hands, like she was very interested.

"Was he as fantastic as everyone says, aka, he sparkles in the sun like a god? Hmmm?"she said sarcastically.

"No."I said blankly. She laughed again.

"I knew it!"she said, and then chomped a hole into the side of her burger.

"He wasn't that bad."I protested, not wanting it to seem like I thought he was horrible. Chelsea raised an eyebrow, and leaned over the table and got in my face, giving me an intimidating glare.

"Don't tell me you've already lost it."she scowled, interrogating me.

"What do you mean by lost it?"I wondered aloud.

"Caught Rickfinitis, aka, a super deadly disease that completely brainwashes your entire mind until you perish into a void of darkness. Then you turn into a zombie." she said very seriously. I laughed, and she sat back down, the sides of her mouth turning upwards.

"No, I'm still pure. I'm guessing that Lindsay Sterling is to late to save though?"I asked jokingly. She rolled her eyes.

"Who cares about her? She was the first to spread the disease, she can spend the rest of her life eating brains for all I care!"Chelsea stated, and I laughed again.

By then lunch was over, and she popped some gum into her mouth and waved as we went separate directions towards fifth period.

As I sat in my bed, twirling my hair and listening to The Fray, I realized how many times I had actually laughed today. I counted on my fingers, and the number was high. Huh, that was weird. Everything seemed to be weird lately.

I sighed and climbed out of bed, and opened the window. A soft breeze blew inside quietly, swaying the light, white curtains, and tinkling the silver wind chimes hanging over my head. I stuck my head outside, the night was cool, and it was only 7 o'clock, the sun had just set. I gazed towards the cemetery, which was hidden just barely behind the towering pines.

Suddenly something caught my eye, a flicker in the distance. I squinted, and thought I saw an outline drifting across the graveyard, walking in and out of the tombstones. I strained my eyes, and realized the figure seemed human. I watched with great interest, wanting to prove myself that it was a figment of my imagination. Then the shape stopped moving, and looked in my direction.

"Slam!"I shut my window roughly and collapsed back onto my bed. I shook my head sternly, my head was getting carried away with itself. I reached into my backpack. Might as well get a head start on that Science Lab.