Hey guys! So, yeah, this is my first story on FICTIONPRESS, but I DO have a FanFiction account…So, that's that. This was just a random story that I wrote in Power of the Pen, and I wanted to put it up here! So…here it is!


I clenched my hand around my pencil harder than I realized, turning my knuckles white. I stared at the question again, hoping that it would give me some kind of hint. "What is the capital of Turkey?" it asks, taunting me with its size twelve Times New Roman font.

I frown again and search my brain for some kind of answer. I glance up at the clock for the umpteenth time, and massage my hand nervously. Only five more minutes left. Okay, alright. I can do this. I look around the room looking frantically for the answer, but unfortunately, all cheats are covered up. My frown deepens at this, but it melts into frustration as the teacher speaks.

"Two more minutes." She says a little too calmly, and I gulp.

I make my mind up and go through the rest of the exam circling random answers, hoping that they're right. My heart raced as I finally put my pencil down and glanced nervously down at my test.

"Please pass your tests forward." My teacher says.

I sigh, but knowing that I have no other choice, I pick up my packet by the stapled corner and pass it up the row. The boy in front of me takes it from my sweaty hand, and I can hear him snicker as he looks at one of my answers.

My face burns with embarrassment, and I shrink down into my seat. The teacher comes around collecting the piles, and I begin to pack up my things. I put all my belongings into my battered old red backpack and zip it up, waiting to get out of this torture chamber.

Riiinnnng! A shrill bell goes off, and that's my cue to run. But, as I begin to run outside, I hear my teacher say one thing.

"Remember, as soon as these exams are graded, your interns will go out!" she yells over the students, and I momentarily freak out.

Oh no. I have a C- in her class! My parents are going to freak out! I know that I probably got a low D or an F on that test, and that would lower my average to a D+!

I panic in the hall, and as I walk down the hall, I see a student teacher pushing a cart. Filled with the tests my class just took! This could be my chance!

I follow her, and try to push away the thought 'I'm a spy!' as I follow her to see where the tests are stored. My parents won't be home until nine tonight, so I could definitely run back over here and change my answers.

I made up my mind and began following the woman. She walks into the room with "Teacher's Lounge" printed on the plaque next to the door. I hesitate for a moment, but grab the door at the last minute before it closes.

I press myself against the wall, and peek around the corner, but I'm still unnoticed. I see her push the cart into the far corner of the room. As she begins to turn around, I plaster myself against the wall again, a little too quickly, knocking the wind out of me.

As soon as the door closes, I let out a breath that I didn't know that I was holding. I tiptoe to the cart and after looking around to make sure nobody is watching; I begin to shuffle through the pile. Finally, I find the one with "Amanda Leynolds" written sloppily on the name line, and I pull it out.

Without second thought, I stuffed it into my unzipped backpack and rushed out of the lounge. I looked left and right, making sure that no teachers were watching and walk towards and out of the front door.

I turn to the left on the sidewalk and begin walking home, but I just can't push away that feeling of guilt burning in my chest.


I lazily throw my backpack down on the floor next to my bed and pull the wrinkled test out. I press the ON button in my computer, and watch as it hums to life. I log in and pull up a new tab on Google.

I grab the test off my plush bed and begin to type question after question into the browser. I copy the answers down after finding the correct answers, after erasing my previous ones. Soon I am done and I look at my test, satisfied; no doubt in my mind that I will now get a 100%.

I look at the redone test one last time before I put it back in my backpack and after securing the duct tape ensuring that the bag was closed, and rush out of my room. I bound down the steps and open the front door, taking off towards my school, taking advantage of the set sun.

I run through the lawn at my school, and am about to go to the front door when I see that a window on the bottom floor is still open. Wow, my school has great security.

I throw my backpack on the linoleum inside and stuff myself through after it. I straighten my oversized sweatshirt and sling my backpack over my shoulder. I open the door to the hallway and noticing that the lights are off; I know that I'm safe. But I swear that I can hear someone moving somewhere.

I shrug the thought off and run down the hall towards the Teacher's Lounge. I hear the sound again, and I quickly open the door and hurry inside; my heart beating rapidly. I stuff my test into the pile and shuffle the papers, and in the dark I put my hand on the door knob to the hallway. I begin to turn it, but someone else did it for me. The door swings open, and I only see one thing.

I see my teacher's face.

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