Another short story! This is an actual event that has happened to me, though I will not be saying any real names. This is from my POV, so whatever happened beforehand is a mystery for you all. Enjoy!

Screams invaded my foggy consciousness as I groggily awoke. I never was a morning person. The 1st thing I saw was the dripping water in front of me, and the slightly soggy blanket near my curled arms. As I slowly processed the screaming voices of what I assumed to be my friends, realization hit me. The sprinklers were turned on!

I remembered clearly that my mom said she had turned off the sprinklers for that day, so they shouldn't have been on, but it was obvious from the way the water was flying in from the ground. I literally bolted out of bed, grabbing a few wet blankets and pillows in my already wet arms along the way, and practically ran for my life into the house. I sprinted back in to get a few more, and I was about to boltt back out with the bundle in my arms, when I realized that one of my friends was still asleep!

She was looking around, dazed, as if she was wondering what was going on.

"BETHANY!" I screeched, before sprinting back out and dumping the soggy blankets and pillows on the ground. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, practically jumping 5 feet high out of bed.

She ran out after me a moment later, knees reaching her chest as she ran out of the tent, screaming hysterically. I burst into guffawing laughter at the sight. She had forgotten her glasses and everything else! Around that time, the sprinklers shut off, leaving whatever else most likely wet and soggy.

My laughter died down quickly when I realized I had forgotten some of the most important things of all. Our phones, my glasses, and all our journals and sketchbooks! I sprinted back into the tent, grabbing the phones and my glasses out of the side compartments. Thankfully, they only had a few drops on them. I searched frantically for the papers and journals next, trying to remember where we put them the night before.

I finally found them under a soggy blanket and the sagging tent. Remarkably, they had only a single drop on them! Almost all the papers were perfectly dry, the only one had a single drop of water, and wasn't even too important!

I jogged, immensely relieved, out of the tent. I handed everyone their phones, and told Bethany excitedly how nothing got wet.

After about another hour cleaning and drying out the tent, the adrenaline leaving me, I realized just how exhausted I really was. It couldn't be that late, after all, the sun was decently high. I asked my mom, who told me, with an amused smile and a small laugh, how it was only 7, and we woke up at 6.

Of course, being the non-morning person I was, I freaked. We stayed up till 3 in the frickin' morning last night! There's no way I'd be awake this early. Grumbling slightly, I marched my way up towards my room, hoping to change into some dry clothes and fall right back asleep. Of course, that won't happen, but that's a story for another day.