At The Dining Table

"Hun, are you ready for your first day of school!"Asks my mom.
"So ready, mom," I say sarcastically, "Like anybody wants to go to school."
"At least they have a brilliant music department and..."
"And I heard they have some cute boys!" Interrupted (when does she not) my sister Katelyn. She is completely boy crazy, which is stupid because she is supposed to be in a long distance relationship with her boyfriend Mason.
"You just have a one track mind for boys, don't you?" I say
"No, I have a one track mind for cute guys," Kate replies, with a smirk.

Why are older siblings such pain, sometime it scares me. Just how stupid they can be?

In My (and unfortunately My Sister's) Bedroom

Ugh the worst thing about first days is getting ready trust me, thank god I'm not like Kate. I quickly went through my mess of a draw and put on my distressed skinny jeans, red plaid top, and black all stars. Now my lovely sister put on stiletto booties with a pink mini dress, accessorized with a studded belt, for her school outfit, for the first day. And her hair! Curly and had those clip on feather things in it. Ok I will admit it did look really pretty and obviously better than my side ponytail but it was just school.
"Oh come on Zoey don't get to jelly," She said sarcastically.
"I would never in a million years be 'jelly' of you." I snapped.
"Now girls stop this right now, there is no need for this." Mom cuts in.
In Unison, Kate and I say, "Yes mom."

At Cansen Prep, in the principal's office

"What?!" screams Kate.
"Look I understand you're from New York, New York but it's just school uniforms,' tried Mrs. Coyne
"But there so...,"
"Look Kate!" I interrupted, "There is no point complaining, the school makes the rules and you shouldn't try to disobey them and argue with them."
That shut her up. Anyway Mrs. Coyne then said that we have to go to the School's Stockroom or Student Store to purchase these uniforms and handed us (as in me) a list with the items in stock with the price next to it.

In the administration office with Kate

Uniforms cost at least 50 bucks (47.90 actually)! Who has that kind of money on them? Certainly not me, that's for sure. I will have to break the news to mom but I think she won't mind.
"Katelyn and Zoey Monett," called the administration women.
"Yea that's us Ma'am," I replied.
"Well here you two go, these are your schedule's," said the A.W, "Oh and Welcome to Cansen Prep, and I'm Ms. List." She held her handout, motioned for me to shake it, and I shook it.
"Just before you go, umm Katelyn is it?"
"Yes, that's my name," Kate responded
"Well when we have grub days, which are days when you wear whatever you want, don't wear that outfit or anything like it,"

In the Hallway

Kate is steamed and has announced that she already has made an enemy. Not that anyone cares. Doesn't matter anymore because a group of boys walked by and I think they were checking her out but then once they got around the corner I heard them laughing. Kate thinks there laughing at me. To be honest I think there laughing at both of us.

At Home

Well that wasn't so bad. I made at least one friend unless you don't count the librarian as a friend, if so then I've made no friends. Tomorrow I shall make at least one friend. Now off to do my English homework and my history homework. Then shower. Then sleep until the next dreaded day.