First, the HUNT assigned Taradino Cassatt to the area called Wolfenstein 1.

Taradino was in a room with a few lines of ankhs. He went right first. After collecting the five ankhs, he got another pistol. He continued toward a fence at the end of the hall. Then he got the next line of five ankhs. He went back to his start point and went to the left. A low guard was there, so he carefully shot at the guard, making sure that he didn't destroy any ankhs. Then he got the rest of the ankhs in the room. He went through the door to the next room. A low guard caught him on his right. He shot the guard with his pistols and the guard was dead. There was a door in the middle of the room. He went through it and found some ankhs and the gold key. Besides that was a pistol (he would take it but he didn't have three hands).

He saw more ankhs in the air so he found some elevator GADs to take him to them. Next, he saw a glass window. A low guard was behind it, but facing away and behind a pillar. Taradino shot the glass and went around the pillar to shoot the guard. There were more low guards that came after him then. After the room was clear of guards, he found a door to his left locked by the gold key. He could go in.

There was a low guard in front of a glass gate. He shot the guard and the glass broke off the gate. Another low guard was in the room behind the gate. He found a door into this room. Another low guard saw him from the last room that hid him. After he had shot the guard he saw a glass window to his left. He shot the window and went on in. There were some fire chutes on the walls inside of this room. He also found some ankhs and he got to them from GADs in the corners of the room. He got them all and left to the next room that he hadn't visited. A few low guards were in here. He shot them and then he found the silver key.

After finding the next key, he went around the room and got ankhs. There were some glass windows on the far side of the room. He shot them to go through. Then he got some health and another ankh. He went out of the room. To his left was a room he had not yet visited. He went through the door. There was a lot of health and ankhs here. By the next door he saw a low guard. He shot the guard and went through the door. Nothing was in it. There were some elevator GADs he went to. At the top was a catwalk and he filched a flamewall. Going down, he saw a glass gate and a push wall. He left the glass alone, as he sensed that it would do no good to shoot. Then he pushed the wall and saw an elevator.

This elevator required the silver key. He had it already. So he went through and got to the destination. There were moving walls in the next room. He went out and saw lava walls and many low guards. He got his pistols back to shoot the low guards, being careful not to bump into the lava. He saw a push wall by the elevator. He pushed it and went in. There were some ankhs and a machine gun. Finally he had the machine gun! He turned around and got some health. Then he got the rest of the ankhs in that room. He went to the next room and saw some low guards on catwalks. He went around the room and waited for them to fall. Then he saw another elevator. He decided not to go in.

Taradino turned around and shot the guards. He got the ankhs after it. Then he went through an arch. A low guard was already coming after him. He saw some ankhs after he shot this guard. He went through the next door. There was an arch in the middle of the room. He went through and saw more arches. He saw the iron key. When he got it, he saw a low guard coming toward him. He picked up bulletproof armor. Then he shot the guard. He also got some ankhs and saw an elevator. It ended up being the same one as the one he didn't go in.

He backtracked to the elevator that the silver key had locked. He went carefully in this room, as there were moving walls and lava walls. After the elevator stopped, he got to the next room. At the end of this one, he got some health. In the next room he turned left again to the door locked by the gold key. He turned to the door on his left again. A low guard watched him as he had a heat-seeker. Taradino decided to shoot him with the heat seeker. He saw the glass gate from the room with the elevator. This time he got his machine gun and shot it.

Then he saw the door locked by the iron key. It was another room with low guards on the catwalks. He recovered a drunk missile. Then he got the ankhs, waiting for the guards to fall down. He shot the guards with his drunk missile. Then he saw that he was almost at the exit. He had another heat-seeker that he picked up. And, finally, he went through the last arch, so that he could exit.

Taradino Cassatt will next be seen in Chapter 6. Meanwhile, read about the rest of the HUNT members!