First, the HUNT assigned Taradino Cassatt to the area called Wolfenstein 1.

Starting out, he saw two ankhs and went for them. Then he saw a pistol. He grabbed it and turned to see a large monk crystal. Not needing it yet, he went around the room and saw three more groups of two ankhs. On his right, he saw a low guard and shot him with the pistols. Then he saw priest porridge. He went back across to get more ankhs. After the next group, however, there were two low guards. He walked around until he saw another low guard and a strike team guard. He shot them then got a small monk crystal. Then another low guard saw him. He shot the guard and went forward to get some more ankhs. Then some more strike team guards saw him. He shot them and got a large monk crystal ahead. And behind there was a fire urn guarding the machine gun. Taradino shot the fire urn and got the gun!

He went to some nearby GADs and saw a low guard. He shot him with the machine gun this time. There was an elevator door back there that needed the silver key. Since he didn't have the silver key yet he went on. He saw a glass window and shot it. He went for four ankhs when an over patrol guard saw him. The over patrol guard threw a net at him but Taradino didn't have a knife. He got caught a few times then finally killed the over patrol guard. He found a push wall and went in. There was asbestos armor. He saw some arches and went through. A few ankhs were here by a lava wall. The wall didn't hurt him.

Taradino found some more ankhs by some lava walls across the room. Exploring around more he saw a lightning guard. He shot the guard then went to the next room. Nearby was a bonus barrel. When he shot it there was a machine gun, which he already had. Then he saw another bonus barrel with priest porridge. He ate it hot. Right then, his armor wore away. Taradino continued looking and saw a lightning guard behind a window. He went in the doorway to shoot him though. Next he headed for an elevator. The destination had to be a secret room, Taradino judged by the small size. Then he saw a push wall. He activated it and saw some elevator GADs, where he could reach some ankhs. There were other ankhs on the ground he also collected.

He went in the next room to find the gold key. As the habit went, he shot the table the key was on once it was taken. Soon he found the door to the room he was in earlier, which included a gold door. Taradino went in the gold door. Not long after, he saw the silver key. However it was blocked by pillars. But soon he found a window he could shoot to evade the pillars. Guards were also shooting him, so he had to kill them quickly.

Once the silver key was taken, he found some push walls. Unfortunately, the three served no purpose, other than enlarging the room. Further on, he saw some floating ankhs by some bounce pads. After that he got more ankhs on the ground. Then he got a large monk crystal to fill his health. Taradino also saw some guards behind a glass wall. One was the over patrol guard. Taradino couldn't evade his net again. Luckily he was only caught once this time. And the guard tried to throw another net but Taradino stepped away first. Then he killed that guard.

Taradino knew what to do next, after this dead-end situation. He was going to head for the elevator he had seen first. It was the one marked as a silver key access. He got out of the elevator later and saw a low guard. He shot the guard and noticed all the lava around the room on the walls. Some walls were moving and Taradino heard a guard being hit by a wall. Too bad that didn't count for his scores. He carefully went behind a wall moving and picked up some ankhs. Some guards were around the corner and they were shot. Taradino ran into a hot wall and hurt himself a little. On the inside of the room, eventually, he saw the iron key. He got it and continued on the path. He saw a lightning guard so he shot him.

Next he found a push wall near the iron key. Taradino walked in and got a few ankhs, the asbestos armor, and a large monk crystal. It was going to be itchy, but worth it here. Taradino opened a door to the next room and more lava walls moved. He saw an over patrol guard and shot him. Then he saw some bounce pads with ankhs above them, along with a lightning guard. Taradino decided to kill him by jumping. It was not easy to kill him this way, and he lost more health than would have been acceptable. But then he finished grabbing ankhs. Just on the other side of this room he saw more guards and bounce pads with floating ankhs. Taradino just shot them and took the ankhs. His armor ran out soon after.

Now was the time to face the lava, although his help was gone. Instead he saw nothing was of value behind the walls. Then he went back to the elevator with the silver key. He noticed by the unlocked elevator the iron door. He ran for it, picking up a small monk crystal along the way. More lava walls were found in the room with the iron door. Guards surrounded him too. Acting quickly, Taradino started shooting. But when he saw ankhs, he evaded shooting them instead. Even though he knew the exit was near, he recovered a drunk missile. He also found a large monk crystal, which he still needed. One last guard remained and Taradino shot him with the drunk missile. He had to make sure he was not affected. He still got hurt a little once he went for the exit. With the area cleared, he finished the area and took a rest.

Taradino Cassatt will next be seen in Chapter 6. Meanwhile, read about the rest of the HUNT members!