A human emotion

A human feeling

A feeling we despise

A feeling we never want to have

A feeling of wrong

A feeling that you have done a deed of evil

Some fear guilt

Some hide in the darkest corners of their hearts

They never want to see the light of what they have done

They fear their guilt

They hate it

They never embrace

Some hate it

They hate to feel sorry and remorse

They hate to despise the acts they have committed

They forget their guilt

Hide it away

And ignore it

Some embrace it

They see their wrong deeds

They feel they should correct it

They try their best

They accept their guilt

Some cannot feel guilt

These heartless creatures destroy their guilt

They cannot feel it

They will kill, steal, hurt you with no remorse what so ever

They are heartless people

Do not fear guilt

Do not hate it

You may embrace it

You may not feel it

But always remember

Guilt means you are human

It is a human emotion

If you feel guilt, remorse, sadness at the deeds you have done

You are human

Guilt is not bad

It is good

It means you have a heart

It means you are human

It means you love all around you

It means you have a great heart that you shall keep loving

It means you shall undo your wrong doings

It means you live

It means you love

It means you feel compassion

It means you are human