I know, I know. Lots of stories, but I had to. This one is about Superheroes, yes, superheroes, because I can.

Superheroes were an everyday thing. Villains would obstruct the peace, and the heroes would bring them to justice. But what if all those seemingly minor villains were controlled by someone else. Someone far more powerful. The Unkiller, a supposed villain that has actually helped a few officers several times, has been in search of this higher power. After finding it, he realizes, that it is much stronger than he thought. He goes into hiding, and supposedly kills several heroes. The crimes in the cities escalate, and the country is brought into an age of crime, known as the Age of the Tainted. But in one city in particular, several heroes unite to find the Unkiller, and to defeat the higher power.

So I need heroes and villains, and civilians if you want. There will be 5 or 6 main heroes, and the rest will be sort of minor. Villains, that depends on the villain. You can PM or review your OC, it doesn't matter. Please submit your original characters!

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